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Medical Billing Jacksonville, FL

MaxRemind is a proper solution for all types of clinical practices to execute their billing and exercise control. We have skilled and expert workforce of medical billing professionals and coders to handle all troubles related to physicians' exercise. Our utmost precedence is to fulfill medical practitioners concerning the fitness in their practices. We offer our services in predominant vicinities of Jacksonville, FL consisting of Putnam and Flagler counties. We have designed a way to ahead claims electronically through the use of the digital health report of your patients and our software program is designed in such a manner that offers you real-time of access for your claims report and economic health of your exercising. You can completely rely on us to your billing and control problems, and might freely attention on offering fitness care to patients.

MaxRemind Medical Billing Simplifies all Complexities

We simplify all complexities of your medical practice’s billing, revenue management, denial management, and all others. Our dedicated team of medical billing professionals and coders professionally handle all claims with the help of our robust software. We have a solution to all denials and delays. We process each bill accurately, avoiding any errors and in real-time. We identify the real causes of denials and remove those causes which cause denials or refusals. Our cloud-based software helps a lot in simplifying the process of medical billing as we turn all data on automated systems. This automation minimizes the chances of human error that can add in denial of claims. Large data can be managed and stored easily and can be saved for future use with complete security and transparency.

Improved Efficiency and Increased Revenue

MaxRemind not only improves the internal working of the physician's practice but also gives a tremendous boost to your revenues. We minimize the rate of denials and increase your revenue to many degrees than ever. We track each claim right from its submission to the complete clearance of the amount. Accurate coding followed by prior verification of claims by our team increases the success rate of bills. Our turnaround time for each bill is very short and the rate of remuneration is very high. The working efficiency of your team will increase automatically with the help of our software. From the first entry of your patients into your clinic to the collection of reimbursement for your valued services, all appointments, schedules, documents, and tasks are managed by our professional teams. Your efficiency of practice management will increase and the cost for all these steps will immediately decrease.

MaxRemind Furnishes and Shelters all Aspects of Medical Practices

MaxRemind provides a complete end-to-end solution for all aspects of medical billing. We have a compact and comprehensive solution for all types and specialties of healthcare. We offer intense credentialing services to new physicians and re-credentialing to mounted practitioners after they enhance their abilities. All of our offerings are completely compliant with HIPAA regulations.

Accurate Error-Free Coding

We are serving the industry for decades with the best possible and result-oriented solutions to all types medical specialities. Accuracy is the basic component of collecting complete remuneration. Our medical billing professionals and coders are well trained and provide excellent support to our physicians. They have complete knowledge of prevailing codes for each specialty and keep themself well aware of all new changes. Errors in claims can affect a practice's growth negatively and result losses for practitioners. We make all claims error-free while proceeding them. Our accurate and error-free coding and on-time billing process accelerate your practice's financial growth enormously.

Innovative and Quality Focused Technology

We have developed software that can efficiently fit all needs of billing and practice management in the modern era. Your paperwork will be transformed into an electronic compilation. This will not only minimize the chances of errors but also improve efficiency and lessen the cost. Cloud-based technology introduced for billing will give you complete and easy access to the patient’s old records. You can handle more patients when your working will be streamlined. Patients scheduling and appointments can also be done electronically and automatically. All the bills and claims can be forwarded in real-time without any delays. We can assist you in office operations and can find solutions for any issues through online analysis of your practice growth. You are also allowed to have a look at the bills and claims and know exactly where your amount of reimbursement is laying by this modern technology.

Paramount Revenue Cycle Management

MaxRemind ensures the physicians improved productivity, increased cash flow, maximum collection, successful practice, minimum denials, decreased expenses, streamlined practice, and overall flourishing output. As a result, we attempt to acquire the fastest and customized retrieval of payments to increase your practice’s cash flow. Best and deep knowledge, vigilance, persistence, and quality-focused services of our expert team make our physicians more productive, successful and financially strong. Our team works for you as your team's extension and take all possible steps to increase your revenues and decrease your overheads.

Medical Credentialing and Compliance

Credentialing is the first important step toward the establishment of successful medical practice. If you are thinking to establish a new practice in the state or you have a settled practice, in both cases, we offer the best credentialing and re-credentialing services to all types and all specialties of medicine. We manage all your documents and files and proceed with them for enrolment and license. Our turnaround time for these services is shortest than any other in the industry. Besides, our whole services and software are completely compliant with HIPAA. We provide services within the compliance rules. We conduct proper internal and external audits to confirm the abidance of compliance rules.