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Medical Billing Kansas Services

Being a premier and experienced medical billing company, we know that managing a practice and maintaining its management and billing is not only a difficult but challenging task. You need best services for your practice as well as billing requirements. MaxRemind provides you best billing and practice management services at very reasonable and flexible rates. We have a team of experts in the field of billing, coding and managing your administrative work. We offer our services in all major places of Kansas with our expert and professional team to assist you in all aspects of your practice from management to billing and cash collection process.

Specialties Focused on Customized Billing

We are offering more focused and customized services for each department after studying your unique needs. We have specifically designed strategies to meet the need for all medical specialties. Every practice needs different and distinct techniques to make the business strong and successful. Our expert after a deep study works on your medical practice to overcome the problems. We find the billing problems in your practice, fix them and get you paid fast for the services you delivered.

Empowerment of Physicians through Integrated Technology

Smart work is the necessity of today's busy life and it is possible with modern technology. We have adopted state of the art modern technological tools and developed a cloud-based automated system to make your whole patients management, billing, coding and cash collection process completely organized. This adoption has lower down the number of human errors in the billing and coding procedure and has also cut down the cost of hiring more workers to manage your practice's documentation. All documents can be automated and records can be kept in an electronic system. This technical development will make practitioners empower by providing them a safe, simple and handy tool to control all their practice matters.

Overland Park Revenue Cycle Management

At MaxRemind, we offer expert and professional revenue cycle management to pay you fast and increase your revenue more rapidly. This systematic procedure is consists of a series of steps including scheduling, registration of patients, identification and determination of cost, pre-authorization of bills, coding, claim submission, follow-ups, denial and delay management, cash collection, cash posting, and reconciliation of accounts. Due to this enhanced and cloud-based cycle, your workflow will improve and your practice will become more efficient. Also your profitability will be maximized and your customer service and customer relation will also be enhanced.

Expert Error-Free Billing to Boost your Income

Income generation of a provider's practice shows the level of success. Error-free billing with accurate coding and real-time submission added a lot in the enhancement of a practice's attainment. Our expert medical billing billers and coders along with the automated system give a great boost in the income of health providers in all states including Kansas. Our robotic checking system for the correctness of codes known as RBS is best to ensure error-free and accurate code as it detects errors immediately and lowers down the chances of denials and delays.

Credentialing and Compliance at Its Best

Credentialing is the most important, complex and time-consuming task for each practitioner. A good credentialing added a lot in practice success and growth. Credentialing makes you registered with the paying authorities and insurance companies. We provide a bridging facility between you, insurer and authoritative bodies to get your license and make you enroll with them. Our services are strictly compliant with HIPAA rules. We keep our staff well aware and knowledgeable with all prevailing laws and rules through proper training sessions and workshops. Our audit team makes it ensure that all rules are followed firmly.

Outsource With Us and Keep yourself Relaxed and Focused Toward Patients

Medical billing is a tricky job and can be done by the expert, trained and professional staff. Your administrative staff cannot manage all the billing requirements. A specialized person can know all the ins and outs of billing. We will assist your staff in all managerial tasks and will manage all your receivables with convenience and ease without affecting your basic job of providing health care facilities. Outsourcing with us will make you relax from your money issues and your expenditures will cut down.

Practice Management Assistance for All Specialties

We provide medical billing as well as practice management assistance to all specialties. Accurate and updated codes are given and different types of specialties are dealt with differently. We provide the billing and complete solution to all practitioners new or established. Our software is made and updated all the time with the changing codes and rules.