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Medical Billing Services Los Angeles

We are a USA based local billing and management solution company around the whole USA including Los Angeles. We are present in all-dominating cities and areas of Los Angeles including Long Beach, Santa Clarita, Glendale, and Lancaster. We are delivering state of the art and result driven services through technical assistance to all specialties and all types of medical practices. Transparency, reliability and a long-lasting relationship are our core values. We believe in customer care and customize our services per your requirements to boost your productivity.

Outsource Billing with MaxRemind to Increase Profitability

Medical billing is crucial to get enhanced and boosted revenue. Medical billing lets you free to care for your patients more effectively and give you peace of mind as your cash and management issues are solved in the best manner without your involvement. MaxRemind ensure you an immediate increase in your revenues by 23% to 30% when you outsource your medical billing with us. We take care of your every dollar and effort to collect every penny for the services you delivered. We manage all your documentation and administrative work from the initial patient appointment to the reimbursement.

Reduce Practice Management Cost and Load

We are not only a billing company but a complete and comprehensive practice management solution too. We have developed software that can easily and effortlessly help you to manage all your day-to-day work without hiring extra administrative workforce. This will not only manage your documents and schedules but also lessen your employment costs and overheads. Our software has a DA manager to electronically manage all your files and tasks. RBS tool helps detect any code error in the claim submission process. EFT allows electronic files and fund transfer. All types of financial and medical reports are generated to view the health of your practice along with the patient's health care record.

Customized Billing and Comprehensive Follow up

Comprehensive and accurate Billing processes that is followed by the effective team results in complete reimbursement. Every bill needs to customize dealing and proper coding along with the real-time submission. We take each bill immediately in the recommendation and give a billable amount customized and accurate code. We take prior verification of each claim to ensure the coverage amount to save you from denials and rejections. Perfect record keeping, Prompt billing, timely follow-up, Uniformity and devotion to all points, and use of the most modern technological systems by our certified and expert team increases your productivity and revenues much time more than any other billing company. We believe in specific and modified customer requirements and guarantee you to deliver the best result in minimum time.

Medical Billing all Specialties

We deal with all specialties of medicine including urology, oncology, cardiology, gynecology, dermatology, family medicine, emergency medicine, surgery, pathology, physiotherapy and so on. We have specialized services for each specialty. Our customer is diverse from the individual practice to a group of the health provider and also large health institutes and employed physicians. We also have the facility to provide the services to the home health provider

Using Most Modern Technologies

Technology has changed the world, things are turned more efficient, and result-oriented with less effort. Smart work is the vital requirement of the present time of hurries. We have also adopted the technological measure to solve your billing as well as management issues. Our software is the best, easiest and compatible solution for all medical billing problems. You can have our application on your android devices and with the easy steps can get access to our team. You are allowed to keep an eye on your bills, claims forwarded and get know where your owed amount is lying. Reports can be given to show the health of your practice. In short, you can easily manage all your billing and management tasks with some clicks.

Systematic and Robust Revenue Cycle Management

MaxRemind has a systematic and organized revenue cycle management. Our revenue cycle starts with the initial patient’s appointments and the entry of their demographics. We take verification of insurance coverage of each claim to avoid denials and delays. After reviewing the bills, we code properly and accurately and submit the claim immediately in real-time. After coding, an automated tool RBS scrutinizes the codes to detect if any error occurs that is promptly removed by our skilled coders and medical billing professionals. We follow each claim with the same enthusiastic approach. Many bills proceed at the same time with the same methodology. We ensure you faster reimbursement in the minimum time duration without any cash leakages. Our first-time submission success rate is much higher than all other billing companies are and that is 98%.

Superb Credentialing and Excellent Compliance

Credentialing is the first and foremost step to establish and run a medical practice in the USA. MaxRemind credentialing offerings can ultimately grow your sales employing many degrees, as we are primary verification sources via which coverage groups authenticate the practitioner's schooling, education, specialty, and experience. As quickly as you need a credentialing facility through filing a utility, our team will evaluate your all documents after which we will send all these files to number one coverage accurately. We are fully compliant and abide by the rules and laws of HIPAA. We do an internal and external audit to ensure compliance policies.