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Medical Billing Services Louisiana

Choosing an expert medical billing solution is a crucial and important job. MaxRemind Inc is US based medical billing company provides end-to-end solutions for medical claims processing for all specialities. We know all in outs of billing in Louisiana and are placed in all major cities of the state including New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Lafayette, and Lake Charles. Outsourcing medical billing with us will increase your profitability, boost your practice financial health and enhance productivity. We will save your time and energy by our expert and skilled revenue cycle management services. We offer you several packages and allow you to choose one fit according to your needs.

MaxRemind will Save Time & Focus on Excellence

By working with us will save your time and cost of hiring extra professional staff for your administrative work. Our professional medical billing experts and coders will not only work on your claims but also help you to manage the internal working of your practice. We will work as your admin and account staff. From patient management to getting compensation for the medical services, we will do all task on your behalf. This will decrease your internal cost and human errors as well. You can focus more effectively on patient’s care. You can see an immediate increase in your revenue by hiring us.

Prior Verification of Insurance

Our team of expert billers and coders work professionally. They do prior verification of each claim to verify the eligibility coverage of the claim. This action will save time and effort as a clear picture can be seen about a claim. Insurance policies and coverage amount vary from person to person. By making advance clarification will decrease the chances of refusal and denials. Claims proceeded after verification get fast and complete payment.

Error Free, Accurate Coding with Real-Time Claims Submission

MaxRemind pay more attention to its staff's training and knowledge to keep them aware of changes in codes and rules of claim submission. Our team extracts billable information and data from the available medical record and process errorless bills in real-time, and with accurate codes. RBS system automatically detects if any error occurs that is handled swiftly with complete proofs. Accurate coding is vital and it can affect medical practice indirectly but reimbursement directly, as the whole reimbursement is dependable on accurate coding.

Increased Profitability & Decreased Turnaround Time

MaxRemind is working and staying in the industry with the main aim of maximizing the profitability of our physicians as it improves our credibility and trust on us. We have an effective denial and refusal management strategy to overcome the chances of non-payments. Our team communicates with the payers and remains focus on the outstanding amount. Our success rate on the first-time submission is 99% which is highest in the industry. You will experience 23% increase in your revenue when you will outsource your medical billing with MaxRemind Inc.

Active Credentialing & Increased Compliance

Credentialing is a very important step in establishing a practice. We offer credentialing services for your new practice and re-credentialing when you acquire more certification or change the state. We make you enroll with health organization and insurers within the minimum period. We take all responsibilities of taking the license, renewal of a license, and enrollment. Compliance is another value upon which we emphasis more. Our services are designed by keeping in view the rules of compliance. We follow HIPPA compliance rules firmly.

Customizable Billing Solution with Artificial Intelligence Technology

Every practice has different and unique requirements and values to be considered. Our professional medical billing experts and coders after reviewing your exclusive needs make customized billing solution that fit for your medical practice. By using artificial intelligence technology we give you a solution for fast reimbursement.

Motivated, Trained & Expert Staff

We have certified and self-motivated staff of expert medical billing professionals and coders. Our staff is trained and is capable to adopt any new change in the field of medical billing. They stay alert about any alteration in rules and codes. We guarantee you the best revenue cycle management services that can optimize your resources and maximize your revenue.