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Medical Billing Services Mississippi

Running a practice in Mississippi and maintaining streamlined administrative and billing tasks is very complex and challenging. MaxRemind offer a complete and comprehensive solution for medical billing along with far-reaching assistance for practice management. We know all in and out of billing, coding, administrative tasks, and compliance. We are here in Mississippi in all major cities like Jackson, Gulf Port, Southaven, Hattiesburg, and Biloxi. We are a premier billing company in the USA with experience of decades. We convert your practice into a profitable entity and make the process well organized and productive.

Simplify Billing Process by outsourcing with MaxRemind

MaxRemind has expert billers and coders having complete command on their work and always stay busy to get the best solution for your billing concerns. We make billing process easy, simple and result oriented. Our billers take prior verification of insurance claims to check eligibility of coverage amount and to avoid denials. All bills are processed electronically with exact codes. After proceeding a claim there is a complete and broad range tracking system. Our software makes it easy for you to check the status of your forwarded bills anywhere and anytime from your systems. Reports are produced periodically to check the health of your practice and to reconcile accounts with bills proceeded. We take care of all your billable amounts, outstanding bills, and old receivables.

Dedicated Services with Flexible Rates

Over time and due to the increasing needs of medical billing, we are frequently developing the best strategies to cope up with billing challenges. Our practice management services and billing operation perfectly fits with the requirement of present era medical billing. We are not only billing company but having comprehensive and end-to-end services for all your practice needs. Our rates for facilitating you are very much flexible and reasonable as compare to others. When you outsource with MaxRemind, you are hiring a receiving a series of amenities to cover all your practice areas. Our team will assist you in all matters of your practice as well as billing.

Faster Collection with Minimum Denials

MaxRemind works with the vision of fast collection and minimum refusal and denials for its practitioners. Our billers and coders are very determined and focused on their duties. Prior verification, denial management and effective follow up with all claims play a vital role in getting fasts reimbursement. Our billers and coders are well known with the fact of uniqueness of each practice, and they tailor each billing process as per needs. A professionally handled and effectively followed claim by MaxRemind can pay you the fast and uncut amount.


We believe in the fact that automation is crucial in the present scenario of medical billing, coding and practice management. We have developed broad range automated facilities for the practitioners of all specialties and all types of practicing group. With our automated billing and practice management services, your practice will blossom your cash inflow will flourish and you will get more free time to serve humans with health facilities. This automated and cloud-based technology has also decreased human errors and human costs as you need not hire extra staff for administrative work. All your practice's admin and account work will be automated and our team will complete all the required tasks on your behalf. We have automated tools to help you like RBS, HHA software, DA manager, EFT, online cash payments, online cash posting, and reports creation.

Error-Free Accurate and Real Time Billing

Medical coding error causes the loss of millions of dollars for practitioners in the USA every year. Financial loss due to coding errors can be avoided by paying a little more attention to the billing process. MaxRemind focuses on the causes of funds leakages and ensures error-free and accurate coding for each claim. We follow step by step procedure for billing that consists of insurance verification, confirmation of patient’s statistics, double-checking of diagnostic codes, electronic submission of claims, avoid duplication and follow each claim excellently. We also take on time actions to confirm fast and whole reimbursement for you.

Fast Credentialing and Increased Compliance

The importance of medical credentialing and compliance can never be ignored by practitioners. Credentialing and revalidation is an ongoing process and must be followed regularly to keep practitioners enrolled with insurance companies and licensed to carry on their practice. MaxRemind keeps its staff current with the latest state requirements and federal guidelines to give you enhanced credentialing and compliance facilities. Our turnaround time for credentialing and re-credentialing is much lower than the others. We are fully compliant with HIPAA rules so we give our practitioners peace of mind and satisfaction from the regret of audit and lawsuits.

Revenue Cycle Management with Denial Management

MaxRemind is well versed in billing and practice management strategies. We work for your every dollar and get you paid each dollar you owe. We have a perfectly suitable revenue cycle for physicians in Mississippi that starts from the initial registration of patients and followed by various steps that result in enhanced revenue collection. Our revenue cycle will affect a commendable positive effect on your revenues. The whole process is handled by certified and expert billers and coders who consider all aspects to maximize your revenues. We work for all your payables, underpayments and receivables. Our effective denial and refusal management is a part of our paramount and automated revenue cycle that will increase your revenues by 23%-28%.