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Medical Billing Services Nevada

MaxRemind is a medical company offers complete billing and practice management solution. We offer our services in all cities of Nevada including Las Vegas, Henderson, Reno, North Las Vegas, and Sparks. We are round the clock available to serve practitioners with the best services to streamline their practice and increase productivity. MaxRemind provides a higher quality of billing and practice management services to reduce expenses. We make you free from all worries and responsibilities of medical billing tasks and you can focus better on patients’ care. Hiring us as your billing outsource company will boost your revenues directly.

Why Choose MaxRemind as your Medical Billing Partner

MaxRemind is serving medical providers for decades and proved its strength of making you successful. Many reasons make us noticeable in the industry and attract physicians toward our augmented services. Our staff is fully devoted and dedicated to supporting you in all matters of your practice. We focus on accuracy and transparency and are committed to meet your deadlines. You can fully depend on us for your whole medical business and practice concerns. We take all the essential steps to get you paid fast and complete. MaxRemind has comprehensive strategies to cater to each stage of billing.

Empowering Health Care Providers

The main goal of any practice is to get financial success and a strong position among others. We minimize your administrative loads to let you emphasis on your actual obligation. We take all issues and their consequences into consideration to make a perfect strategy for physician's empowerment. We turn all billable amounts in accurate coded bills to get the greater cash return. Our billers and coders thoroughly study hurdles in the way of claim collection and support you to make perfect decisions for smoothening of the whole administrative and billing operation.

Revenue Cycle Management Based On Business Scrutiny

The revenue cycle for health care providers is a complicated task as it needs the most refined approaches according to the exclusive needs of a specific practice. Denial management, refusal management, re-appeal for rejections, and business analysis are part of Revenue cycle management. We have designed a comprehensive and integrated RCM and it includes all steps of registering the patients, appointments, scheduling, cost calculation and processing the claims.

Integrated Practice Management

MaxRemind is not only a billing company but we provide complete practice management support to our practitioners. We help to automate all manual administrative work to save your time and extra efforts required on paperwork. By automation, your extra cost of hiring more employees is diminished and your work becomes more organized. Our automated and integrated technology tools enable you to perform multiple tasks easily and originate greater productivity and boost cash collection. The automated practice management system abridges the conclusion constructing process and streamlines operational tasks. Our services include DA manager, personalized dashboard, HHA software, EFT, online cash payments and cash postings, RBS, and customized reports provision.

Simple and Accurate Billing Process

Medical billing and coding is a complicated and logical process that needs proficiency. A series of steps are involved in this process i.e. registration of patients, appointments, scheduling, delivering medical services, calculating the actual cost, verifying insurance coverage,assigning accurate codes to bills, conveying the claims, monitoring settlements, and arranging collections. We make the whole process simple by customized billing and accelerate revenue collection. Accuracy matters a lot upon which our medical billing professionals and coders have excelled and we stay attentive with all changes in codes to get you paid fast.

Customized Billing and Customized Reporting

Every practice is different from the other and has many goals. Medical billing must contest with exclusive financial policies. From analytic reports of your practice, we came to know about the unique needs of your practice, and the ways to optimize productivity and financial gains. Codes are assigned to the bills after viewing complete details.

Increased Collection and Decreased Expenses

The ultimate purpose of outsourcing your medical billing is to get an increased amount of revenues of your services from medical billing company. We have a clear and step by step approach for collection. We verify the eligibility of insurance cover before forwarding the claim. We believe in accuracy in all steps including data registration, patient’s information, documentation, coding, and submission of claims. We track each forwarded claim excellently and properly until get a complete reimbursement. We have turned the billing process automated that saves a lot of time as well as money. Outsourcing with us will lead to an immediate boost in your revenue.

Best Medical Credentialing with Minimum Turnaround Time

Credentialing is a very important step for being attached to insurance networks and for getting a license from the health regulatory authorities. We have the best tools and tips to verify your certificates and documents from the authorities and our turnaround time for the credentialing process is minimum as compared to others. We also offer re-credentialing whenever you get more certifications and specialties. We are well aware of the requirements for credentialing in the state and the needs of the insurers.

Augmented Compliance by Specialized Staff

We have a team of specialized and expert staff who are motivated and skilled in their work. MaxRemind pays full attention to the training and knowledge of the staff. We keep them up-to-date with all new and changing laws and regulations. Our medical billing professionals and coders are well aware of compliance rules and they remain consistent with them. We are strictly abiding by the laws of HIPAA and our software is also developed following the laws.