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Medical Billing Services Oregon

We have a successful history of billing and coding all over the USA and all healthcare providers have trust and strongly believe in our quality services for their revenue collection. We provide medical billing and coding services to the health providers of all specialties in Oregon. MaxRemind handles billing and administration tasks with the expertise and technology merger and gets you paid higher as compared to other billing companies. We are not only a medical billing company but a true care provider to your practice and also boost your revenue collection by using our artificial intelligence software and services of professional billing teams. Our billers and coders are located in all main places of Oregon including Portland, Eugene, Salem, and Gresham. They are vigilantly open to solve your all billing issues in all major cite of Oregon.

Outsource Medical Billing with MaxRemind Inc

MaxRemind Inc from its track record ensures you that your practice will go toward maximum productivity and your billing company is functioning at its uppermost capability so you can collect higher reimbursement. We are responsible for all the administrative tasks and patients billing management, make you free from billing hassles, while you have more time to focus patient care. Medical coding, billing, follow-ups and collection of money, every step is on our obligation, and making you mentally relax and peaceful to pay your efforts more eagerly toward patients.

Revenue Cycle Management Services

We know the fact that a consistent revenue cycle management service is vital to the survival and growth of your practice. Providers all the over USA rely on their billing companies for the reimbursement process as well as for successful practice management. MaxRemind along with the quality and result oriented services help you simplify your internal process and reduce your overheads. From eligibility verification to charge entry we manage the whole claim process very expertly. All other steps including claim submission, negotiation with payers, denial management and account receivable management are taken in full consideration with proficiency.

Error Free Accurate Coding

Being a premier billing company we know that accurate codes and solid data are the only way of getting fast reimbursement. A medical claim can only get perfect compensation and timely clearance if it’s submission is done accurately and on time. Outsourcing with MaxRemind not only improves collection but also speed up the whole billing process. We will improve your bottom-line business collections by our strategic management and error free coding. Accurate codes mean fewer denials and that results in faster reimbursement, which in turn means a shorter duration of the whole procedure. Experienced and certified coders remove all medical billing frustration from physicians and let you focus on patient’s health care. Our services are valuable and benefit-driven for the physicians of all specialties.

Transparent Process & Dedicated Team

We are always available and free to answer your question and deliver you according to your needs. Wherever you are, and whatever your medical specialty is, we are here to overcome your billing as well as practice problems. You can view where your money exactly is and how the process is going on. You can get comprehensive perceptibility through our online automated system and we display you outstanding items that need your attention for their maturation. Our expert is fully dedicated, certified and motivated. We pay special attention to their training and education relating to existing codes and laws of medical billing. Our staff remains alert with any change in-laws and codes.

Best Credentialing & Increased Compliance

We are in high compliance with the rules and regulations of HIPAA. We know the importance of compliance rules and keep our staff well aware of the whole compliance regulations. We help you in internal and external audits to keep you tension free from audit regrets. We make it sure that exact codes are given to each claim that not only increases the chances of reimbursement in first submit but also save you from litigation issues. Our credentialing process is also much appreciated as it takes minimum time as compared to other credentialing companies. We make you enroll with insurance companies.

Guaranteed Low Denials & Higher Revenue with MaxRemind

MaxRemind is a medical billing company serving providers from decades with the same zeal and potential. We electronically submit the claims that results in swift payment release and complete reimbursement. We share periodical statements and reports with providers to show the actual internal health of physician practice. We offer end-to-end billing solution and practice management. We have superior class denial management to cater all denied and refused claims. Effective and prompt follow-up by our experts reduced the number of denial claims and increase the revenue collection in a shorter time.