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Philadelphia Medical Billing

MaxRemind medical billing company has been delivering medical billing as well as practice management services to all types of specialties and to small and large size medical practitioners for decades. As time passed the billing and practice management services are evolved from the paperwork to a technological complex set of services. We adopted all required measures and strategies to tackle all challenges health care providers are facing in the present time and t get you paid faster and completely. We offer our services in all major places of Philadelphia including Pittsburgh, Allentown, and Erie. We can full fill all your billing and practice management requirements with splendid services from expert medical billers and coders.

Supplementary Dynamic Revenue Cycle Management

We offer the best revenue cycle management to hospitals, home healthcare companies, and physician practices in such a way that they can freely and completely focus on delivering health care facilities. We are providing the best and utmost quality filled and result-driven revenue collection services with affordable charges. Our methodical procedure starts from the patient's first time entrance in your clinic or hospital and it ends when you completely get the reimbursement from that patient. We make customized and modified setups for the collection of your money. We assist your staff in each step of billing and other tasks and make their jobs more efficient and more fruitful. Our revenue collection procedure is fast and clear and your revenues will experience a compact boost by outsourcing your billing with us.

Comprehensive and Customized Practice Management

MaxRemind has a proven record of accomplishment of delivering the best and comprehensive services to the physicians of the USA. We have an expert, dedicated, professional and fully-trained billers and coders. We distinguish each medical practice imitates to its individual and specific flair and needs. Our billers and coders deeply study the needs and requirements of practice and make a systematic procedure that exactly fits your needs and can result in enhanced productivity and increased revenue. We assist your staff in all admin tasks and our system lets you automate all your paperwork for the ease of your team. We have a personalized dashboard for you and a specialized DA manager to manage your manual work. Our practice management assistance will free you from many management related worries.

Faster and Improved Provider’s Credentialing

We know the value of credentialing in the practical life of physicians. On-time, credentialing saves providers from many audit complications. We know all the procedural requirements of credentialing and re-credentialing. As it is, a time-consuming process that requires complete knowledge of laws and rules. Our billers and coders are well trained and they know all rules and regulations related to the credentialing and re-credentialing. We enroll you with insurers working in the state and with the regulatory authorities in minimum time duration and with very low fee charges as compare to others in the industry.

Accurate Coding and Real Time Billing

MaxRemind has a team of certified professional coders and the billers on board. We pay special attention to training and codes and billing knowledge of our team. We assure you that your billing and coding will be done by the expert hands and with the perfect codes. We are experts and specialized in inaccurate coding and on the time claim submission so that you can get the full amount you owed for the services you have given to the patients. We take prior verification of the claims to minimize the chances of denials and delays. Our first-time submission success rate is more than any other billing company.

Amended Compliance with HIPPA

MaxRemind ensures all billing and practice management solutions according to the HIPAA rules and regulations. We have a set pattern of rules, procedures and operational policies for our billers and coders to follow them.We keep us educated and well aware of recent laws by attending health care conferences and seminars related to codes and rules of billing. We have our software fully compliant with the HIPAA rules and regulation and we keep it up to date with any change that comes in the field of medicine. To display how our aim of compliance is being carried out, we conduct regular internal audits in compliance in billing documentation, coding, reimbursement, and inner operational controls. The auditor would speak the audit consequences with control and make suggestions for upgrades.

Faster Collection and Increased Revenue

We offer you to benefit your practice healths with a variety of advanced and integrated services. We ensure you faster reimbursement with a higher percentage of clear claims. We guarantee you 98% of the transparent claim that results in first-rate success. We give you billing services specifically tailored to your unique needs. We have a variety of proven strategies that we follow to get you paid faster. Your bills are customized and accurately coded, completely documented and swiftly processed to get faster payments. With our complete-provider billing, we carry out everything of billing for you. You can focus on the things you ought to do, like being a medical doctor, whilst understanding your billing is in appropriate hands. We carry out all of the price access, payment posting, follow up, and patient billing.

Advanced Automated Technology

By adoption of the ultra-modern technological equipment, we are handing over you the pleasant result-oriented and outclass offerings. We have evolved our software that can be downloaded as an app for your android devices. With smooth and simple steps, you could get complete management and account help thru this cloud-primarily based system. You will have a complete photograph of your exercise health and your price range anytime and everywhere. All of your administrative and account associated work can be treated effortlessly by way of this system. Therefore, it helps you to no longer simplest optimizing productivity and increasing cash but also can cut your fees.