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Medical Billing Services Phoenix

Medical billing and health care industry is progressing on continues basis therefore the providers need to be more vigilant to face and tackle all the challenges of health care and billing. MaxRemind medical billing company is present in all states of the USA including Phoenix. We simplify each billing step to improve your finances with transparency and customization. Outsourcing with MaxRemind can give you immediately boosted revenues and a strong practice management procedure. We offer our services in all major places of Phoenix to serve you with the best quality oriented and result driven billing and management services.

Fast and Simple Revenue Generation

With our integrated and end-to-end revenue generation procedure, we forward each claim in real-time and with the accurate code to get you paid faster and completely. Our first-time submission success rate is 98 % that is more than any other billing company is. We help you in every management and billing process to achieve the real success goal of your health practice. We have a team of expert’s billers and coders that can manage all denials and delays instantly and efficiently. Our robust and cloud-based system allows you to generate occasional reports to view the actual standing and health of your health care practice.

Amplified Practice Management Assistance

We are not only a billing company but also provide you complete and amplified management assistance to help your staff to manage administrative and account-related tasks. Our cloud-based system allows you to manage your daily tasks by DA manager. Our billers and coders assist your staff in all management procedures and will help you streamline and smoothen your practice. Our team will do the administrative task on your behalf from the patient's enrollment to verification of insurance claim and payment posting and follow-ups and appeals for the rejected and delayed claims.

Revenue Cycle Management

Our robust revenue cycle management starts from the prior verification of the claim to ensure the coverage amount. This step decreases the chances of denials and delays. We study each claim thoroughly and give proper and accurate codes to the bills. Accuracy and timely submission increases the revenues immediately and boost your finances largely in minimum time. With our systematic and clear revenue cycle management, your revenues will increase by 23% more than ever before. We work for your every penny and collect the entire amount you owe for the services you have given.

Improved Compliance with HIPAA

We are aware of the reality that compliance is very important in presenting billing and exercise management services. We make sure easy and obvious claim processing following the laws of HIPAA. Our medical billing professionals stay vigilant with all changing policies and regulations of the government and preserve our software program according to the modifications to stay compliant. Our compliance stuffed offerings keep you relax from the audit objections and litigation regrets. We nicely set up audits for your exercise to make sure compliance responsibilities. We keep full secrecy for the data and facts of providers and patients and keep all data safe for further use. We hold our group of workers nicely aware of the converting policies and maintain our software program for that reason. Regular internal and external audits arrangement by our company ensure compliance and make you free from the problems and litigation.

Faster and Augmented Providers Credentialing

MaxRemind is aware of the value and worth of providers credentialing within the subject of medication and we provide satisfactory credentialing offerings to the physicians of America. We provide customized credentialing services and control the entire documentation process. We make you join up with insurance businesses and regulatory authorities in minimum time. Whenever you enhance your certification and specialization, we offer you re-credentialing. Consult with MaxRemind and get the fine credentialing services on your newly commenced workout or in case you are expending your exercise.

Vigorous Cloud-Based Technology

Smart equipment is the essential requirement of the running time of hurries. We have moreover adopted the technological measure to manage your billing and to control your cash problems. Our software application is excellent, easiest and proper perfect solution for all scientific billing troubles. You should have our software program on your android gadgets and with the easy steps can get admission to our billing and management machine. You are allowed to maintain an eye fixed on your bills, claims forwarded and get recognize in which your owed amount of cash is exactly and accurately billed. Reports can be given to show the health of your workout. In brief, you can without troubles manage all your billing and other assignments with little clicks. You will have a complete detail of your practice health and your budget anytime and everywhere. All of your administrative and account related work can be treated easily by using this mechanism. Therefore, it helps you to effective optimization of productivity and growing cash however can cut your costs.