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Medical Billing Services Puerto Rico

MaxRemind is US based specialized medical billing and coding company having proficient and expert staff. Our professional medical billing experts and coders are present in all major cities of Puerto Rico including San Juan the capital of state, Ponce, Mayaguez, Caguas, Bayamon, Guaynabo. We make the whole process of billing comprehensive and according to standing rules. We assure physicians that all bills are charged properly and accurately. Our billers and coders ensure full and prompt reimbursement of all your claims.

Why to Choose MaxRemind for Medical Billing

Our valued and quality services make us prominent in medical billing services. We deliver what we promise and never compromise on quality of services. Our terrific revenue cycle management noticeably increases the cash inflow of practice. Along with complete medical billing solution, we also provide practice management assistance that helps a lot for the smoothening of administrative tasks. We customized and simplify the whole process on very flexible and reasonable packages. Our team study unique needs of your practice in Puerto Rico, and take essential steps to even your practice management and enhance your revenues. .

End-to-End Billing and Practice Management

MaxRemind is not just a billing company but we have solution of all practice organization problems. We automate all manual work of your practice, hence diminishing human errors that affect the outcomes of practice badly. Along with end-to-end billing solution, we simplify each step of administrative task. By outsourcing with us you are being able to streamline all managerial work without hiring extra employees. We assist you in all aspects like patients management, scheduling, appointments and generation of reports. We take all the responsibilities of practice management on your behalf and letting you free to focus more on patient care.

Accurate Coding with timely Submission of Claims

Accuracy in coding and real time submission of claim is the first and important step in reimbursement process. Codes are alpha numeric representation of disease and diagnosis on the basis of which payments are taken from insurer and payers. Accuracy and transparency is must to get complete remuneration. Our staff is highly skilled and they stay aware with changes in codes. They code each claim accurately and submit the claim timely. Accurately coded claim can get faster and complete compensation.

Fastest Turnaround Time

We are pioneer in the field of medical billing and coding and have proven our abilities in the arena. Our turnaround time is shortest. Our first time claim success rate is above 98%. We have comprehensive denial and refusal management. We follow each claim effectively to get you paid faster. We do all tasks like submitting claims, working on unpaid and denial claims, filling appeals, secondary claim filling, payment posting and patient reminders. Our revenue cycle management fastens the process of revenue collection.

Increased Credentialing and Augmented Compliance

Our billing and practice management services are designed to support all medical specialities, medical groups and hospitals. We deal in all specialties like cardiology, neurology, physiotherapy, gynecology, dentistry, ophthalmology, family medicine, emergency medicine etc. We provide enhanced credentialing and re-credentialing facilities. If your practice is on initial stage, we get you license and make you enroll with insurance companies and regulatory authorities in record short time. Compliance is our vital value and our billers and coders strictly follow the rules of HIPAA.

Enhanced Technology and Transparency Assured

MaxRemind knows the significance and worth of technological advancement. We have invested huge amount and put extra efforts for technical progression. We have developed our own billing and practice, management software that is fully compliance, automated and centralized. You can have access to our software from your on computers by online or can download the app. This automated system allows submitting claim electronically. This system has many automated feature like DA manger, RBS, EFT, and provider portal. It is very simple and user friendly software and make the whole process of billing and management easy.

Well Trained Certified Staff

We have a team of certified and trained medical billing professionals and coders. Our staff is highly motivated and committed to their work. We focus on the training and knowledge of our staff and persistently take steps to keep them aware with the changes in rules, laws and codes. They work for each dollar you owe because a little loss can make a big difference in income. They communicate with the payers i.e. insurer and patients for outstanding payments and follow the claim until full payment is released.