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Medical Billing Services San Antonio

MaxRemind medical billing company has been serving the valued customers in San Antonio with incredible scientific billing services, which are designed to provide exceptional value and boom sales as feasible. These offerings are tailor-made by maintaining the specific requirements of the medical enterprise. Our medical coders, billers and revenue cycle specialists will analyze the unique needs of your practice and will make your billing and practice running more proficient and as a result, your revenue will increase and your practice will streamline. We are here to serve you in all major areas of San Antonio.

Simple Customized Practice Management Solution

We believe that one approach of solving a problem does not fit all challenges that is why we take every practice separately and make customized solutions for that practice. We offer our services to all specialties of medicine and all types of practice whether individual, group or employed. By outsourcing with us, you don’t need to hire extra administrative staff hence it cuts your overheads. Our team will manage all your administrative tasks for you and our software solution will give you the ease of complying with your office work. A personalize dashboard facility is given to the record of all stuff. DA manager will allow you to automate your patient's appointment, scheduling, prescriptions, medical and financial reports, etc. your whole practice management will smoothen and practice health will be boosted.

Accurate Coding and Error-Free Billing

Codes are the fundamentals of gathering cash from the patients and insurance companies for the services you have given to them. Accuracy is vital in the field of medical coding and billing. Accurate codes and error-free billing not only save your time but also reduced the chances of denials and delays. We ensure you that your bill will be coded accurately and error-free by our professionals. Our automated RBS tool detects error immediately if so happens. Our coders promptly do corrections of these errors. We forward each bill electronically and within real-time. Our experts follow each claim until you get complete compensation for the claims. We go in appeals for the rejected claims and effectively follow them. Our first-time submission success rate is higher than any other in the industry is and that is 98-99 %.

Qualified Expert Medical Coders and Billers

MaxRemind is a complete solution provider medical billing and practice Management Company serving the whole family of health providers in the USA for decades. We focus on the training and knowledge of our staff. Our whole team of medical billing professionals, coders and other experts are specialized in their respective fields and are fully trained to do their work precisely and professionally. We keep them open and fully aware of the new and prevailing laws, regulations and any change that occur in medicine and related pieces of stuff. We pay special attention to the awareness and understanding of our staff by arranging the facilities for them to attend different workshops, seminars and training sessions related to their work.

Enhanced Profitability with Improved Revenue Cycle Management

We understand the complexities you face whilst handling insurance corporations and steeply-priced in-house billing answers. We are confident we can maximize your insurance reimbursements and collections at the same time as providing you with the confidentiality, transparency, responsiveness, client service, and professionalism you deserve. Our first and important step in revenue cycle management is prior verification of the claims to ensure the coverage amount of the claim. By following this step, the chances of denials and delays are lessened and fast reimbursement is assured. We work for your old receivables and collect them effectively and positively within minimum time. Outsourcing with us will boost your revenues collection immediately and tremendously.

Fast and Superlative Provider’s Credentialing

Providers credentialing is the important and foremost part of establishing a health care practice. It is a complicated and time-consuming process that needs very vigilant and expert handling. Our credentialing experts do all documentation and complete the whole credentialing process within minimum time. We enroll you with all insurance payers and other paying authorities. We make you register and take your license from authorities in minimum time duration. Whenever you excel in your field and upgrade your qualifications and specializations, we provide re-credentialing facilities to you. Credentialing helps, you a lot in the growth of your practice as it keep you available for the new and old patient as well as links you with insurers.

Complete Compliance with HIPPA

There are set rules and regulations for running a practice in any state of the country. Going beyond that set of rules is considered as unlawful or even criminal act. We are completely compliant with all the rules and regulations stated by the law agencies in the USA. We are following all HIPAA rules in our billing and practice management solution. Our automated cloud-based software is develop under HIPAA rules and we keep it up-to-date and amend it accordingly if any change comes in the rules. We arrange proper internal and external audits to make sure that compliance is fully followed in each step.

Affordable, Reliable and Transparent Billing

We are offering complete and comprehensive services to the physicians of San Antonio with very affordable and flexible rates. We ensure accuracy, secrecy, and transparency. Clean billing leads to the fast and more funds collection that is the reason we do clean and clear billing without any swindle or duplication. We ensure that our experts to make them accurate will review your all invoices. We keep all patients and practitioners statistics confidential and secured. Our fair and clear debt collection practice with very reasonable charges will keep you away from many hurdles and challenges of billing.