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Medical Billing Services San Diego

MaxRemind simplify billing and identify new revenue opportunities for all types of physicians of USA. We are offering full claims management services to complement your billing team. We are experts in denial management, consultation, patient collections, productivity optimization, and billing. We are delivering best practicing management, coding, credentialing services following compliance laws and regulations. We are present nearer to you in San Diego to serve you the best you deserve. We are present in all major locations of San Diego like Carlsbad, Chula Vista, Coronado, Del Mar, etc.MaxRemind is pride to offer you top-notch service to clients all through the USA.

Streamline your Practice Management

Performing a successful medical practice with complete control over the whole management is challenging and hard to achieve. MaxRemind can solve all your practice management issues along with billing. We have a comprehensive and compact practice management tool. You can manage all your administrative, account and office work with our automated cloud-based system. There is a personalized dashboard and DA manager to streamline all work. Our team will fully support you in all tasks and will do administrative work on your behalf. This will not only manage your work soundly and increase your productivity but also cut your cost too much extent. All your documentation and schedule will be electronically managed.

Increase Productivity and Profitability

MaxRemind is delivering its best for decades. We ensure an immediate and confirm boost in your productivity and profitability. We have a series of systematic and superb services that can enhance your cash flow. Outsourcing with us can increase your revenues by 23-28 % than ever before. We have strategic denial management to cater to all types of denials promptly. Our first-time submission successful is much higher than anybody else in the enterprise is and that is 98%. We take care of our valued clients and make custom designed answers for them retaining in view the unique desires of every provider.

Affordable and Reliable Billing by Experts and Professional Staff

We are offering luxurious services to the practitioners of San Diego at very affordable and flexible rates. We believe in transparency and secrecy and keep the whole data of providers and patients confidential. We work for every dollar you owed and deserved for the services given to the patients. We get our compensation after you get the full amount of your claims. Our billers and coders are experts and are specialists in their respective tasks. We keep our team well conscious and skilled with all strategies and laws of coding and billing.

Error-Free Accurate Coding and Simplified Billing

Error in coding puts the claims in delays and denials and causes a large loss to the practitioners. MaxRemind works at the perception that every exercise desires to be customized to get the popular consequences. Our team of specialists deeply goes through the uniquely required necessities of your exercise after which make the strategy underneath those essentials. After customization, we deliver accurate codes to the bills and proceed with the claims inside real-time to get rapid remuneration. We make sure errors-free coding to lower the possibilities of rejection and delays. We recognize all distinctive codes for the all-medical specialties and preserve our coders aware of the adjustments in coding.

Enhanced Revenue Cycle Management

We provide a superior methodology based revenue cycle management to all types of hospitals, clinics, and health institutions so that practitioners can focus more effectively on patient care. Our most comprehensive revenue collection process starts well at the time of the patient's entry in the doctor's place. We gather all the data from the physician, save it in our system in a very clean and transparent manner. Advance verification of the insurance amount to ensure the insurance coverage keeps us away from the denials and delays and saves a lot of time. We follow each claim until complete payment is received, and can forward many claims at the same time with the same efficacy.

Fast Credentialing and Enhanced Compliance

We apprehend the best and proper step of credentialing so that you may be benefited from the services in minimum time. Our credentialing turnover time can be very quick in comparison to others. We additionally offer re-credentialing each time you upgrade your certification and specialization. We are abiding by all the laws and suggestions of HIPAA and other authorities to certify protection and transparency. All the bills we maintain are consistent with compliance as our software program application is develop according to the laws of HIPAA. Compliance admiration will make your billing free from the audit regrets. We conduct an internal and external audit to confirm compliance is to be followed.

Result Driven Quality Focused Automated System

We have developed a superior quality Cloud-based software program to optimize your productivity and cash flow. This is a totally clean and consumer-pleasant tool, Well-matched with any tablet, android telephones, computer, or pc. Our software program is HIPAA-compliant and certified. It is based on the diffusion of blanketed and superior technology to get a guide for the practices of all domains. It will assist you in all domains of your practice and anywhere in the world. You can view your practice’s health and exact cash location through this software by financial reports. It is a complete solution for all specialties of medicine.