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Medical Billing San Jose

Medical billing Services are an utmost important practice for managing the health care industry regarding their finances and practicing issues. The process of billing is not limited to the processing of claims to the insurers but also involve in streamlining the management matters of a physician’s practice.MaxRemind is a nice solution on your fitness care exercise to submit and follow up the claims to insurers so that you can recognition extra freely and continuously on patient’s care and receive entire and fast payment for the services you have been rendered.We are specialized and expert in billing, scheduling, practice management, accurate coding, denial management and collecting remuneration. We are present in all major places of San Jose with our expert billers and coders including Willow Glen, Downtown, Silver Creek, Almaden, and Los Gatos.

We Use Latest Technology & Tools

MaxRemind can manage your work irrespective of the nature of the specialty you are practicing. We have modern tools and techniques keeping in view the needs of the current era. We will automate all your paperwork in a well-arranged manner so that you can save your time and money on administrative tasks. We have a specialized cloud-based technical assistance in the form of a complete and compact software that can fit your specialty practice. Using this customized software, you can increase your efficiency and hence can increase profitability. It is available in the form of an app that can be downloaded on Android devices. The complete data of your patient's account information, cost of services and all other related matters can be stored and updated uniquely and easily in this system. You can have a 24/7 approach to your finances and your patients can be given automatic appointments through this by calls and text messages.

Revenue Cycle Management

MaxRemind offer services in San Jose whenever and wherever you need. We are a certified and well-known billing company in the USA. Our certified and professional billers and revenue experts will assist you in all areas of improvement you require and in all places of San Jose. With our optimized revenue cycle management solution, you can experience a boost in your revenues within time. Our revenue cycle starts from the important step of insurance verification and ultimately ends when you get complete payment. We maximize your profitability and productivity by our renowned strategical services. We guarantee an enhancement in your revenues because our claim rejection rate is minor and if for any reason a rejection occurs we manage that in minimum turnaround time. 98% of our claims get success in the first-time submission and your revenue will increase by 23-28 % more by outsourcing your medical billing to MaxRemind.

Improve Cash Flows and Lower Down Administrative Expenses

MaxRemind never compromise on quality and customer care. We have developed a customized solution for physicians of different specialties and working in different scenarios. We are capable to cut down your internal costs and maintain your practice smoothly. We know that quick and detailed reimbursement is the main component of a successive practice. We assure you quickly improved cash inflow and reduced in-house organizational expenditures. By outsourcing with us, you do not need to hire extra admin and account staff to manage your managerial work, as we will do all that on your behalf. This will tremendously cut your overheads and improve your cash reserves.

Comprehensive Compliance and Fabulous Credentialing

Knowledge of compliance guidelines from HIPAA is very essential for medical billing to make it genuine and reformatory. Following the state authorities of USA's idea for digital billing, our medical billing professionals are skilled to deal with claims electronically and are capable of acquiring electronic responses such as acknowledgments to their submissions and ERA. Our medical billing professionals and coders are well versed with all rules of HIPAA. Our staff is not only keeping their selves updated with the laws and coding techniques but they have complete knowledge of all specialties codes like urology, cardiology, dermatology, family health, etc. we provide best from the rest credentialing services to all types of specialties in the USA within minimum turnaround time. We manage all your documentation required to make you licensed practitioners, as we know all the latest necessities and guidelines for the procedure. Stay peaceful and relaxed and focus on your practice, we will perform all other tasks to make your practice a successful progressive practice.

Best Solution for Physicians

Our professional group of experts provide answers in all factors of improving and handling practice sales, together with claims filing, managing denials and appeals, optimizing patient receivables, expanding and retaining the patient’s data, verifying eligibility, and utilizing the ultra-modern in technology to maximize all elements of the cash flow in a clinical practice.MaxRemind has a cost-effective technical solution that is compatible with all specialties of medicine and with types of practices. We give your staff the intuitive solutions on the way to make their jobs simpler and their workflows extra efficient.

Accurate End-To-End Billing Solutions

MaxRemind provides the most accurate and updated medical billing services to physicians of San Jose. We are devoted to a customized solution for each practice and apprehend the significance of fusing accurate coding with applicable modifiers. We aggressively pursue unpaid claims with a record of reducing turnaround time and increasing cash flow. We cater to all kinds of specialties from a single physician to big hospitals. Based in San Jose, our vision is to hold building our presence as a premier local billing company superior in first-rate, customer support, and accuracy.