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Children's hospital billing

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Children's Hospital Billing Services

We provide you the services for recommendations, appointment arrangement, subsequent ideas, relocating descriptions and medical accounts, get pre-approvals for insurance coverage and much more. Outsourcing with MaxRemind will make you the best practitioner and you can deliver what your patient wants and your practice will get maximum reimbursement in minimum time. We know all the complexities practitioners are facing for getting their remuneration for the services they have provided to the children. We know all the new codes eligible for each case and rules applied for children’s billing. We make the whole process of billing, coding and cash collection easy and simple.

Locating Appointments and Pre-Authorizations as Per Requirement

MaxRemind is specialized in obtaining referrals and pre-authorizations as required for tactics. Our skilled staff is expert in checking eligibility and advantages verification for remedies, hospitalizations, and approaches.We reviewed affected person payments for accuracy and completeness and acquiring any lacking data.We help you in preparing, reviewing, and transmitting claims the use of billing software, which includes electronic and paper declares processing. By following up on unpaid claims, we check every coverage payment for accuracy and compliance. We help you in identifying and billing secondary or tertiary insurances.

Ensure Accuracy to Optimize Reimbursement

Children's medical billing and reimbursement is a demanding job. Children's medical billing has many exceptional tasks. Children specialist has to deal with the number of different conditions of patients like treatments, procedures, complete care, prevention measures and many more diverse ranges of services. We are well versed to manage your complete revenue cycle to ensure maximum reimbursement for your services. Our billers and coders believe that accuracy and precision is the main key to success in medical reimbursement. We have specialized resources to manage your billing and to get you paid fast and complete. We strongly follow all the rules and regulations of HIPAA. Our compliance strictness help physicians to minimize the ratio of denials and delays in claim clearance.

Simplify your Practice and Maximize Revenue

We help our entire physician to manage their practice matters and make the whole practice management process automated. Automation in the billing and management process increases accuracy, efficiency, production and in the end revenue. We work as the extension of your staff and support them in managerial tasks to smoothen your administrative tasks. By outsourcing, your billing with MaxRemind will let you free from all tasks other than taking care of your patients. You will have more time to pay full attention to your patients. We offer our services to all physicians that may be individuals, groups, hospitals, and others.

Actual Support with Dedicated Administrators

Our services start from initial patient enrollment, claim submission and to collection cash. Our end-to-end services start from the patient enrollment and scheduling, coding, insurance verification, insurance authorizations, accounts receivable management, claim denial management, and payment posting and reconciliation of accounts. We work on all areas of charging entry, coding, audit for compliance, analyzing the account receivables to improve your cash collection and to manage your revenue cycle. Our staff is experienced and skilled in providing specialist services to manage all types of billing and coding. We keep our team up to date and knowledgeable with new insurance guidelines and policies by continuing training and workshops.

HIPPA-Compliant Insurance Confirmation by Pre Authorization

A successful billing process needs verification of insurance coverage and pre-authorization. It helps a lot in minimizing denials and delays and increases the ratio of cash collection. We have decades of experience in providing insurance verification services in all states of the USA. We know the value of proper enrollment of patients in the process of billing and make it sure that all the details are entered properly. Moreover, prior authorization increases your reimbursement speedily. We verify all the data requirements for the payment clearance and make proper documentation as per the need of the bills to be claimed. Our software and all the billing procedure is completely compliant with HIPAA to make you free from any legal allegation.

Why Choose MaxRemind as your Children’s Hospital Billing Company

Many reasons make us different and more reliable than any other medical billing company in the industry. We have delivered the best and more beneficial result-oriented services to all types of practices and children's hospitals. Our staff is very committed and expert about their work. We have certified coders, expert billers and professional managers to look after the whole billing and cash collection process. We have advanced and fully web-based software that is completely compliant and can give you customized offerings.