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Maxremind provides a secure web-based application environment. It provides all the necessary reporting, real time eligibility verification, dashboard, patient’s statements, ERA’s etc.

Why provider credentialing is necessary?

Credentialing, also termed as medical, provider or physician credentialing, refers to a thorough examination that evaluates doctors’ qualifications, career history and proven skills including their education, training, residency and licenses, as well as any specialized certifications. The credentialing process is used by healthcare providers and medical groups as part of their hiring process and by health insurance companies to allow the provider to work within the network.

The process of credentialing must be performed every time a new doctor is hired as well as recurrently afterwards to abide by the standards set by medical governing bodies and accreditation organizations. Medical credentialing can save your organization from many liabilities such as incompetent healthcare providers, risk of compliance violations, fiscal loss and unwanted lawsuits.

Why choose Maxremind Inc.?

Physician credentialing can be a time-taking and intimidating process. Even a tiniest of mistake can cause denial of the submitted application resulting delays in payments and loss in the revenue cycle management. Having involved a lot of financial constraints, Maxremind Inc. understands your worries and can help lessen, if not eliminate the possibility of any risk.

Maxremind Inc. has been in the healthcare network industry for over a decade and has helped numerous stand-alone physicians and medical practices to restructure their financial and managerial processes as well as train employees in the required compliance procedures and parameters. We offer the following credentialing services to our clients:

1. Thorough verification of credentials

We explain the credentialing process in depth and perform a detailed verification of medical credentialing including background investigation on the provider's criminal and financial history, all the necessary documentation as well as their references. Our credential services are certified and complied with all the necessary statutory and regulatory bodies, so you don’t have to worry about improper credentialing.

2. Delivery of efficient services

Our goal is to prioritize our customers and offer customer satisfaction to the maximum extent possible. We deliver efficient and accurate services that can help you decrease your on-hold claim values and help you standardize your administration procedures by saving your time and money.

3. Reduced follow-up procedures

By adopting our services your burden of follow-up is kept to a minimum. Hire us and leave the rest to us. Our dedicated team works on each application with equal attention and cross-checks any critical information missing required for medical credentialing, by informing you in the start or getting the necessary attestations by ourselves. This saves you from the hectic follow-up procedures and managers calling you every other day that you need to get your documents attested.

4. Licensing and certification – All in one platform

Don’t have the required certification for practice or have a fear of incompetent staff? Don’t worry as we offer training of personnel in all the necessary compliance measures and parameters, so you or your staff can receive physician credentialing as well as certification – All in one place. Our tailor-made training programs identify each organization’s needs separately in order to make its personnel well-resourced and competent.