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Hospital Billing

Maxremind provides state of the art Home Health Software to automate every process needed in home care.

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Hospital Medical Billing Services

If you are facing problems in your cash collection, revenue generation or overall financial matters, MaxrRemind is the answer to all your questions. As far as hospital medical billing is concerned, MaxRemind is the best-integrated EHR and practice management solution to smooth the whole billing process and to increase the revenue. Our round the clock assistance to the practitioners in hospitals, streamline workflow, share the burden of administrative tasks, help you in business-related decision making and reduce your overheads. Outsourcing your hospital medical billing with MaxRemind will help you in the organization of your practice management as well as cash management matters.

Get Reimbursed Faster and Better

MaxRemind ensures your faster and better reimbursement with the help of automated software and experienced and skilled professionals. The ultimate goal of all practices is business wellness. The cash collection process is highly complicated and acquires a high level of expertise. MaxRemind is doing this complicated and dense job very effectively. We know the worth of each receivable dollar for your practice. We follow each claim effectively with proper documentation and records to confirm complete and timely reimbursement.

End-To-End Hospital Billing Services

MaxRemind hospital medical billing is the best and expert end-to-end solution for your practice throughout the USA. Billing services provided by our experienced and dedicated billers and coders will ease you in your practical life and will keep you peaceful so you can more efficiently run your hospital. Our Hospital Billing Services Include:

  Wide-ranging billing and chain of cash collection services
  Bursting account receivables organization and medical and financial reporting
  Expert evaluation to become aware of issues and provide you customized billing and coding techniques
  Real-time, accurate and complete digital processing of all your claims
  We are completely compliant with all HIPAA standards and policies and strictly follow all rules

Improved Prior Insurance Verification

We are specialize in acting pre-coverage verifications earlier than the patient arrives at an issuer’s locality. As part of this manner, we test whether or not the patient is eligible for the insurance benefits underneath their coverage and whether or not there may be any requirement of pre-authorization or referral. All the co-payment that desires to be made along with deductible is also calculated. During this procedure, the co-coverage from the patientside is ensured. For many vendors, this step is crucial, because it allows their claims to sail through easily, especially in the case when coverage companies do not help in reauthorization.

Hospital Coding Services

The hospital medical process starts when you start send us patients medical file through online, and our expert medical billing team will process that file to get you paid. Before the real coding procedure, the clinical coder refers to specific resources inside the patient’s documentation such as physician′s transcription, diagnostic take a look at reviews, imaging reports, and other sources to verify the offerings rendered. The same coding technique is observed at some stage in the medical coding process to keep consistency. Next, our expert coders, who are rather trained to deal with CPT, coding, assign suitable codes that are in-line with described requirements while warding off up-coding or down-coding errors.

Precise Charge Entry and Payment Posting

We enter payments from the coded files into accurate patient’s profiles. If the patient is a new entrant and does not hold an account yet, then we create a fresh patient account and fill all of the demographic information captured from the respective patient’s registration form. Besides, before each claim is transmitted to the coverage issuer via the clearing residence, the entered expenses are very well audited through the Quality Assurance (QA) group, thereby ensuring that the accurate and precise claims' is going out of the software. Our billers and coders as a part of their job, make certain that the payment info is updated into appropriately patient accounts and initiate the denial management process in case of actual denials. They ensure that reconciliation is a continuous and ongoing process.

Accounts Receivable Follow-Up and Denial Management

We preserve the bills receivable days of the claim to the minimum by ensuring that every unpaid insurance claim is pursued until they are paid. Our account receivable management group additionally guarantees that denial and unpaid claims are appealed inside the shortest feasible time to make sure that they are processed and paid successfully. Every denial claim is thoroughly analyzed by our denial management team, our team will find the facts and then correct all issues and will resubmit the claim to the insurance company for payment.