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Dietitian Billing Services

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Dietitian Medical Billing

MaxRemind is your precise billing organization for your dietitian practice to make it greater effective, successful and to get fast payment. We address all issues of our registered dietitian and we make a clear and obvious strategy to get the fast repayment for dietitians. We have modernized and compliant software to address dietitians' exercise. All claims are submitted electronically. All reports are keeping secure and confidential in our system. All information and facts of the patients are tested earlier before they are submitted to insurance companies. Accurate codes are given to each claim and reviewed to check their accuracy. Our first-time submission pass rate is 98% this is higher than all others medical billing companies.

Necessity of Billing Company to the Dietitians

Many insurance companies in the USA are fully covering dietitian practices. The needs of dietitians are increasing recent years because of the reason that people understand that all diseases are directly or indirectly related to the diet. Humans being has accepted the truth of prevention is better than cure so the need for dietitians has increased. Dietitians are too busy nowadays and cannot focus more on their billing issues. MaxRemind provides an end-to-end solution for the billing and practice management of dietitians.

Fast and Comprehensive Reimbursement

Time management is a key for reimbursement of dietitians as well as for all other specialties. Real-time submission of all claims is our core value. We submit all claims timely and with proper codes. Our medical billing professionals and coders follow each claim on a priority basis until getting complete cash for the services that have been rendered by the dietitians. We generate appeal letters for the delayed and refused claims. We give online cash remittance facilities and post cash transactions on the clearance. You can keep all your cash transactions in your view by our software. Record of the payment track is also available all the time for reconciliation purposes.

Reimbursement and Coding For Dietitians Services

As an experienced and professional medical billing company, MaxRemind comprehends the reimbursement process, understand codes used by dietitian’s bills, and recognize how excellent documentation can lead to reimbursement and cash transfers. We are accountable for all stages of the coding and billing process and providing all documentation that is necessary to code and bill for services of the dietitians. We offer consultation to healthcare providers within their location and provide them prospects to code and bill for nutrition services. We follow all the steps and set criteria for coding and getting fast reimbursement for your practice. We keep aware of the ever-changing rules and codes for the dietitian's billing.

Get Fast Growth in your Dietitians Practice

It has been observed that outsourcing your medical billing will increase excellent growth in your practice. Outsourcing with MaxRemind will boost your productivity of practice, will streamline your practice management, and will increase your revenue. Patients require complete and focused care, medical bills need complete and comprehensive coding knowledge. The only solution that is outsourcing can fulfill all of these needs. We at MaxRemind knows all the needs of a practitioner and work accordingly to make their practice fruitful. When you consult us, you can easily get everything fully managed.

Revenue Cycle Management for Dietitians and Specialized Software

MaxRemind provides a comprehensive and excellent revenue cycle management to the dietitians. We maintain patient confidentiality, transparency of documents, clarity of data and all-time access to the bills, claims and account details. We help dietitians to streamline many functions like scheduling, giving reminders to the patients, managing practice matters and collection of cash. We have customized technical solution for dietitian’s practitioners that are fully compliant with HIPAA. We keep our software up to date with all new changes in laws and codes regarding your specialty. Prior verification of insurance coverage by our professionals increases the chances of fast reimbursement. We conduct regular audits to ensure compliance.

Credentialing Process for Dietitians

We have the best and fast credentialing process for your practice. We offer free on-call consultation for any query and help. We have different credentialing options for all types of consultants, you can avail the best plan, price and other options available for your practice. We will arrange and submit all compulsory data and documents for the credentialing process and keep you free from all the worries. Our turnaround time for the credentialing process is very short and fast. The credentialing process by MaxRemind will increase your practice's worth and you can get complete recommendations and assistance from our expert.