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Top-Rank Gastroenterology Billing Services Provider to Scale up Your Gastroenterology Practice

Why risk your Gastroenterology practice revenue by outsourcing your Gastroenterology Medical Billing to a company that cannot do its job effectively?

Finding a specialist, trustworthy, and hands-on Gastroenterology Medical Billing partner is not easy. Many Gastroenterology medical billing companies claim to be specialists or gurus that promise an increase in practice revenue and proper follow-up on Gastroenterology accounts receivable. How do you trust anyone in Gastroenterology Billing service providers as the medical billing industry is dominated by false claims, lengthy contracts, and exaggerated promises?

Talk to the Gastroenterology Medical Billing Experts!

Work with the most talented and expert Gastroenterology medical billing team that is dedicated to your Gastroenterology practice’s success by generating higher revenue and proper follow-up on A/R. Our Gastroenterology medical billing experts know the medical billing complexities and work according to changing environment.

Best Gastroenterology Medical Account Receivable Services

MaxRemind is a medical accounts receivable company with an entrepreneurial spirit. We believe that good work and proper Gastroenterology practice medical account receivable follow-up can change the gastroenterologist financial world.

MaxRemind believes in a results-driven approach to healthcare practices, and we’re committed to helping your practice grow. Since 2008, we have helped our Gastroenterologist achieve financial success, patient trust, and reputation.

15+ Years of Gastroenterology Medical Account Receivable Experience

We are Gastroenterology Medical Account Receivable industry leaders with 15+ years of experience in delivering medical A/R services to Gastroenterology practices around the USA.

We Follow Golden Professional Standards

We offer the highest quality and professional Gastroenterology medical billing, coding, and A/R services to all our healthcare practitioners.

Growth Driven Approach

We help practitioners to run a successful practice, grow & have more time for patient care.

Innovative Solutions

We help in solving gastroenterologist’s financial challenges with our Gastroenterology medical billing, coding, and A/R services.

Our Healthcare Practice Focused Mindset

We are physician-focused and work towards delivering the best medical billing and coding solutions. We prioritize physician and lab experience in our Gastroenterology billing, credentialing, and A/R.

Specialty Matter Experts

MaxRemind specialists are handpicked for being the best in their professional specialty. We hire, and train them to the level of healthcare specialist standards with our extensive experience in the medical billing sector of the USA.

Gastroenterology Medical Credentialing Services

MaxRemind, is a medical credentialing, medical billing, and account receivable outsourcing company based in Texas, USA. Our medical credentialing and Gastroenterology billing company is a service provider to over 30+ healthcare specialties in the USA.

Our credentialing company follows and executes every enrollment process, using our 200+ medical credentialing specialists who are professionally trained and exclusive members. With over 10 years of experience as a medical credentialing and Gastroenterology billing company, MaxRemind is still a notable medical credentialing services provider including various medical credentialing services to different healthcare specialty practices.

  • Over 10+ years of medical credentialing experience.
  • Highly committed workforce.
  • Long-standing and repeat physicians.
  • 300+ in-house specialists.
  • HIPPA compliant.
  • Totally customized services according to your requirements.
What CPT-Codes are used by Gastroenterologists in Medical Billing?

MaxRemind is a leading medical billing and credentialing company located in Texas, USA. Established in 2010 by experts, with a vision to grow and excel we have now grown to a team of 500+ medical billing and credentialing Professionals. Gastroenterologists across the USA are using the following CPT-Code in Gastroenterology medical billing reimbursement

  • 91200 Liver elastography
  • 91010 Esophagus motility study
  • 91065 Breath hydrogen/methane test
  • 91122 Anorectal manometry
  • 91035 Gastroesophageal reflux test w/ electrode
  • 91037 Esophageal function test w/ electrode
  • 91120 Rectal sensation test
Why Should You Work with MaxRemind Gastroenterology Medical Billing Experts?

MaxRemind Gastroenterology medical billing team works with your practice to develop a fully customized plan and strategy. You’re not working with a medical billing account manager but, MaxRemind owns his certified medical billing and coders across the nation. Therefore, we are entirely committed to ensuring you will achieve the higher financial results we have achieved for our other medical billing partners.

Many Gastroenterology medical billing companies talk a big game and over-promise unrealistic financial results. On the other MaxRemind experts, we were more interested in getting on with the job. Our Gastroenterology billing team focuses on high performance with actual billing results you can see and measure from the end of the first month, helping your healthcare practice grow and start beating your competition and have more time for patient care.

Our Gastroenterology medical billing services aim to deliver your practice the best financial possible results. The beauty of working with MaxRemind Gastroenterology billing experts is that we have an in-house team of Gastroenterology medical billing experts who can work to achieve your desired results. As part of your Gastroenterology medical billing partner, we are always looking to improve your practice’s financial performance, after all, getting financial results is half the challenge; the other is getting the patients to your practice and having more time for patients.