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Medical Billing Services Alabama

MaxRemind is your perfect c solution for medical billing in Alabama. We will take all the responsibilities of your billing and collection on your behalf. We are premier in the industry and are specialized in handling all billing and claim proceeding tasks. Let us deal with the patients and insurer s, and stay focused on providing top quality health facilities. We are present all over in Alabama, in all major cities i.e. Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile, Huntsville, Tuscaloosa, Hoover, Dothan, Auburn. Our services will cut your extra expenses and will increase your revenues.

Empowering Health Providers with Outclass Services

MaxRemind is serving health providers to strengthen them with quality services. Our services are not only for billing but we also provide practice management assistance. Our billers and coders do all administrative as well as operational work for you. From patient’s management to revenue collection, credentialing to compliance, claim to submit to effective follow-ups, and claim to scrub to denial management we are present to deal with all issues. With wide-ranging awareness joined with decade’s capability in the medical billing industry in Alabama, our billers have the potential to support pr5actitioners to maximize their reimbursements and reduce their overheads.

Maximized Revenue Cycle

We at MaxRemind assist you with our services and strategies to cut the expenses and reduce denials and refusals. By outsourcing your medical billing, your employee cost will automatically reduce. We will provide complete services for smoothening your practice. Our billers will calculate and collect all payments for you. We have end-to-end revenue cycle. Our process starts from patient’s registration, scheduling, treatment, to the calculation of cost. After the cost is calculated, the claim is processed to the payer. We track all claims until paid fully. Our billers and coders work for all due bills, old receivables, and underpayments. We keep tracking all claims to get maximum reimbursement fast.

Excellent & Accurate Coding

Time and accuracy matter a lot in medical billing and we know its importance. After complete and detailed read-through of a claim, our coders assign accurate code to the bill and precede it with minimum possible time. Errorless coding increases the chances of acceptance at first submission. That is the reason our 96% of claims have first-time acceptance and get full remuneration. Our staff remains persistent and alert of any changes in existing codes. Many bills can be forwarded at the same time with perfection.

Specialized Services with Improved Technology

MaxRemind strongly believes that technology evolution and adaption is vital for progress nowadays. As technology improved we also invested in it and developed our software to solve billing issues more effectively. Our services include Data entry of all concerns, Submission of both electronic and paper claims, Chasing and follow-up on due claims, Arranging patient statements, Payment placement, Modifying billing reports, andUpdating your practice on payer fee schedules. DA manager automatically manages and organize patients record of appointment and follow-ups. RBS tool is used to detect errors in the claim submitted. The personalized dashboard is also available to future scheduling. HHA software helps a lot to calculate and collect the cash for services delivered by physicians at home. Electronic file and funds transfer is also available. Online claim tracking is helpful to monitor claims where they exist.

Deals with all Specialities of Health Care

MaxRemind deals with all types of practices whether individual, group or employed services. We have specialized services for all specialties of medicine like Urgent Care Family, General Practice,Chiropractic Physical Therapy, ENT, Mental Health,Behavioral Health, Therapy, Ophthalmology, Anesthesiology, PlasticSurgery, Neurology, Pain Management, etc. We can help you simplify your in-house processes, shrinkexpenditure, and can give you result from orientquality services.

Simplified & Customized Claim Processing

We use best-in-class technology outfits and facilities to deliver end-to-end solutions for physicians.We help providers to optimize their working functions and maximize profit. Claims are arrived into our medical billing software and are patterned for precision. Our billers and coders do prior verification to confirmcompensation from the insurer. All claims are scrubbed and testedbeforesending to the electronic payment house for insurance companies.Errors are located and solved immediately if any occurs. Rejections are trailed up straightaway and resubmitted.Reports are run periodically to track all outstanding and mature claims. Statements are generated to reconcile balances that are not paid by the insurance company.We provide flexible solutions to our clients based on a web system that offers a shorter turnaround time.

Fully Competent & Reliable Staff

MaxRemind has fully certified, experienced, and trained staff of billers and coders. We take all steps to make our staff knowledgeable with new and persisting tools, codes and laws. We work as a team with your in-house workers toofferfull provision, training, and expansionto your medical practice. Our staff is reliable and keeps all your record safe and confidential. We are present around the clock and the whole week. Our staff is accountable for all his action and customer care is our core and vital value. Our correspondent is always available to talk with you and to find all your solutions.