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Medical Billing Services in California

Medical practitioners in California are facing many challenges for the reimbursement of medical bills. Most common difficulties are inadequate to account receivable and claim denial along with difficulties of having less knowledge of fluctuations taking place in the regulations related to medical practice. Costly billing services, national regulations, taxes, documentation, and operational cost has also added hitches in medical practice. Appointment with new patients, scheduling, quality credentialing, keeping patient's record and on-time billing are the main problems of practitioners of California. All these issues lead toward denial and delays in medical billing and hence decrease in revenues.

Why MaxRemind over other Medical Billing Companies

We are US based medical billing company, sensitive data and information we gather are totally safe and secure with us. MaxRemind has been providing medical billing services for all specialities in California. MaxRemind offer services in all main cities of California including Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco and Fresno. We have a very low fee structure as compared to others and have no hidden charges. We have been serving medical practitioners over the decades with reliability. Our expert and trained teams are fully aware of all persisting HIPAA guidelines and ensure the whole billing process according to HIPPA.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Medical Billing with MaxRemind

By outsourcing your medical billing to MaxRemind you will get extra benefits in lowest fee charges than our competitors in the same field.

 Credentialing services to make you shine for new and old potential patients
 Electronic access to our integrated system without extra cost and effort
 Eligibility evaluation of each claim before processing for fast recovery
 Fast, accurate, specified and customized coding
 Organizing patient statements and paid relocation
 Primary and secondary insurance claims to file
 Systematic rule-based scrubbing to detect error immediately
 Our revenue cycle management can tackle all the challenges of billing procedure and can save your thousands of dollars each year
 Patient support and invoicing
 Appointment scheduling
 Home health agency system allows calculating each and every expense that occur while visiting a patient at home

Maximize your Revenue with MaxRemind

MaxRemind has best billing solution for practitioners of California and all of the major cities and towns of the state. We are well aware of hurdles in the medical billing procedure that exist in California. We can maximize your revenue and minimize your expenses through our vigilant and prompt services. Our experienced team of billers and coders are always busy in attaining maximum revenue collection for your practice. Our services include the collection of previous due bills, new claims with proper coding, audit safety, coding and diagnosis analysis, customized accounts receivable, denials management, online cash submission, payment posting, enthusiastic insurance follow-up and generation of medical and financial statements.

MaxRemind Software for Medical Billing

MaxRemind has spent a lot of time and money to develop a specified automated solution for all the billing complications. Now we have web-based, customized, centralized, and integrated online system software. You only have to register with us by the simple touch of your fingers and we will assist and support you in every further step. Future scheduling can also be done in our system dashboard. The whole data saved in the system is properly organized and stored for future requirements and is fully secured. This system allows you to keep in view the whole process of billing until reimbursement is fully received. Old receivable can also be followed properly. It’s fully compliant with rules and regulation to safeguard you from audit worries. In California, MaxRemind is accessible to take all billing reservations on its own and keep you relax.