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Medical Billing Services in Florida

Medical practitioners in Florida require more vigilance and skillful billing department to handle unusual challenges. Choosing a billing company to outsource your medical billing is important and significant step for the financial growth of your practice. Whether you are a primary care physician or a specialist surgeon practicing in Florida, the profitability of your practice depends on the proficiency of your medical billing company. Every dollar you owed is considered imperative for revenue management.

Why choose MaxRemind over other Billing Companies in Florida

MaxRemind has been delivering outstanding practice management solutions for decades and has the capability and proficiency to maximize your reimbursements and settle your practice to run efficiently. Our experienced team of medical billers and coders are technically equipped to manage revenue cycle and streamline your billing process to attain comprehensive reimbursement without delays and denials. We submit each claim both electronically and manually to all primary and secondary payers, we track and follow-up on due claims, organizing patient statements, payment placement, and customizing reports. By outsourcing with us you can be free from all worries you having while running a medical practice in Florida. We have an end-to-end solution of all billing needs. Our medical billing and coding services can lessen your pressure by increasing cash flow and improving production.

Benefits of Choosing MaxRemind for Medical Billing in Florida

We have a proven track record of specialized medical billing throughout the USA and specifically in Florida. Our medical billing professionals are wholeheartedly available to solve your billing issues in all main cities such as Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, and Tallahassee. Our specialties are not limited but include medical credentialing, detailed error free coding, real-time claim submission, medical and financial statements provision, data management and updating, compliance with HIPAA rules, and complete transparency and security of all information. Our step by step process includes prior eligibility verification of each claim, accurate coding with the on-time submission of claims, analyzing errors automatically by rule-based scrubber and comprehensive follow up for each claim. We offer flexible payment options to fit each payer's needs and to make it easy for the financiers to pay the balances. We allow online cash payment that is the best choice to pay nowadays. MaxRemindis a leading medical billing company in Florida and our services are recognized by providers, hospitals, but we have the best billing solution for newly startup practices as well. Our billing consultants in Florida work with all types of physicians in a wide range of specialties, including oncology, allergy, dermatology, family health practice, cardiology, internal medicine, physical therapy, and many more.

Maximize Your Revenue by Choosing MaxRemind

Start collecting maximum reimbursement fast and easy by outsourcing your medical billing with MaxRemind. We have extensive knowledge coupled with the decade’s experience in the field of medical billing in Florida, our billers retain the potential to benefit health providers and medical practitioners to maximize their reimbursements and minimize their costs to a great degree. We are equipped with completely automated tools and techniques that can streamline your finances and grow your business. Our certified billers and coders have comprehensive and deep knowledge of rules associated and prevailing for billing in Florida. Due to accurate coding and prompt claim submission electronically, we have the lowest claim rejection rate than others in the industry. Our claims are paid faster and our reimbursement rate is higher. We reconcile financial statements on a daily basis to find recovery rate. You can view the real-time status of your claims by entering in our system. Many bills can be processed at the same time and with the same accuracy.

MaxRemind’s Medical Billing Software

After analyzing the requirements of medical billing, MaxRemind has developed its software with restless efforts of its IT professionals. Fully automated, customized, simplified, centralized and web-based system is available for your practice. You can download our app on your systems and phones to access our services easily. This software is compliance with HIPAA and has many value-added features. Financial reports can be generated electronically through this software and can be saved for future use.