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Medical Billing Services in Minnesota

MaxRemind is a medical billing company having a highly secure and compliant system for accelerating great revenues in less time for your peaceful and stress-free practice. We have a precise, cost-effective and reliable billing solution to boost your cash productivity. We are present throughout Minnesota including all major cities like Aitkin, Anoka, Becker, Beltrami, Benton, Big Stone, Blue Earth, and Brown. We have highly motivated and trained staff having decades of experience in medical billing. We go through your specific needs and assist you in every possible way to generate higher revenues.

Why Choose MaxRemind to Outsource Medical Billing

MaxRemind help physicians to achieve high cash flows by resolving cash related issues through effective actions. We take all measures to maximize your revenues and minimize cost and save your time to let you focus on patients care. We have a simplified user-friendly system for billing and practice management. Electronic submissions of claims with errorless accurate codes are monitored by the automated rule-based scrubber. DA manager allows you to manage and track all claims effectively. Provider portal gives you secure and easy access to get a vision of your practice constraints. Simple and easy electronic file transfer is also available with our system. The home health agency is a very helpful tool to calculate the full cost of proving health facilities at the place of patients.

Generates more Revenues with Simplified Process

We make the whole billing process simplified. The step by step process starts from the registration of patients followed by prior insurance verification, medical transcription, and errorless accurate medical coding. Our billers charge entry and process the bill to clearance house. We track each entry for insurance settlement and after receiving the amount post cash payment entries. We have a perfect denial management process to deal with denied and delayed claims. Electronic submission of claims has played a very immense role in faster and greater reimbursement. We organize and manage all claims to be processed electronically.

Faster Billing with Accuracy

MaxRemind is serving the medical industry from decades with perfection and accuracy. We believe that on the time cash receipts are more important and useful for a practice to grow smoothly. We will make the billing process accurate and speedy that each claim will smoothly to insurance companies to get your revenues faster. Our billers and coders keenly observe each claim and focus on the essentials of claim to avoid any denial and delay. Prior verification, accurate coding, and the latest technology help a lot in fast payment. Coding is a complex job and continual changes in coding need regular training sessions of coders. We keep our coders well versed with all new and persisting codes and laws.

Provider Credentialing

MaxRemind is not only revenue Solution Company but also facilitates practitioners with credentialing and re-credentialing. Credentialing is a time consuming and complex task which needs vigilance. We know all needs and requirements for getting a practitioner's work license and to enroll them with insurance companies. We handle this complicated and time-consuming task with competence and proficiency. Delay in credentialing and re-credentialing can effects a practice badly and can cause financial losses.

Greater HIPPA Compliance

MaxRemind believe that HIPAA compliance is necessary for the protection of all stakeholders. So we are fully compliant with rules and regulations. It shields practitioners against any audit and litigation objection. Our software is developed by keeping in view all by-laws. Our team is fully alert with all new changes in rules and regularly updates the system with all new rules and regulations. We follow compliance in all three descriptive areas i.e. technical, administrative and physical. Our compliance policy protects health record, patient’s information and accounts from misuse.

Medical Billing Facility for all type of Practices

We offer medical billing and practice management facilities to all types of practices whether solo, group or employed. Individual clinics, as well as large hospital and health institution, are facilitated by us. If you are thinking to start your new practice in Minnesota, MaxRemind is a wise choice for you. We will not only help you in billing process but also assist you to streamline your new practice. We deal with all types of specialties including oncology, cardiology, dermatology, urology, family medicine, emergency medicine, surgery, physiotherapy, etc.

Improved Transparency and Mental Satisfaction

We give you a complete and clear picture of your practice. You can view and monitor your revenues and claims anywhere and anytime you want through our cloud-based system. We are a seamless part of your day to day operation and assist you in all aspects of practice management. We take all responsibilities of administrative and financial task on your behalf and free you from all financial worries. By outsourcing with MaxRemind you will feel stress-free and mentally satisfied to focus more on patients care. All Data of patients and financial details are fully secured and safe.

Certified, Motivated and Trained Staff

We have certified skilled and professional staff of billers and coders throughout Minnesota. We focus on the education and training of our staff to keep them up-to-date with new changes. They dedicatedly serve you with the best knowledge they have. Our billers and coders know all in and out of billing procedure. They have quality denial management strategies to overcome the issue of refusal of claims. Our team effectively communicates with the insurer to collect maximum reimbursement for the services you render.