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Looking for the best medical billing companies in Tennessee? Our team have the knowledge
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Medical Billing Services in Tennessee

MaxRemind is not only a medical billing company but we are your practice management partner too. We are working in the industry since decades with the vision of delivering out class billing services and delivering outstanding effective result. Our billers and coders are located all over in Tennessee including Nashville, Knoxville, Memphis, and Chattanooga. Our team is always prepared to help you in all your needs. We ensure quality services with extraordinary amount of attention and you will enjoy progressive revenues along with peace of mind.

Outsource Medical Billing with MaxRemind

Outsourcing with MaxRemind means less stress, error free, reduces denials, and increased revenue and productivity. We offer complete solution for your medical billing needs. Our experts after analyzing your unique needs make perfect strategy and take all necessary steps to streamline your practice.

Simplify Billing Process

Medical billing has many complexities in its procedure, let MaxRemind to make it simple and easy. We take all measures to fulfill unique requirements of each claim. Our staff makes billing stuff easier for insurance companies and increase productivity of practices. We make prior verification of claims to ensure eligibility of insurance cover. Properly arranged documents, accurate coding and real time submission of claim make reimbursement more assured and modest. Integrated software also adds remarkable support in the whole process.

Faster Claim Submission & Error Free Accurate Coding

Time significantly matters in the process of getting paid and our billers and coders know the significance of time management. Accurate error free coding by our coders with on time submission of claims after verifying eligibility reduces the chances of refusal or delays and faster the process of revenue collection. We have made payment procedure automated and online payment option is available.

Maximize Revenue & Productivity with MaxRemind

We at MaxRemind take every single step to maximize your revenues and productivity. We provide comprehensive aid to your practice by managing patients, arranging and uploading documents, monitoring all claims, checking the status of bills and following up claims to ensure complete and faster reimbursement. Our billers deliberately collect each and every dollar you earned against medical services you rendered. We do customized claim submission with accurate codes transparently. Outsourcing with MaxRemind can increase your revenues to many degrees and you can freely focus on providing quality health.

Start Your New Practice with MaxRemind

If you are new in Tennessee and want to start your new medical practice over here, MaxRemind is here to help in every step of your career. Our credentialing services will help you in getting license to start your profession in shorter time as compared to other companies. After that this service will make you available for the new patients and with personalize dashboard facility in our system will help in future scheduling. Automated reminders about appointment of patients are also given by text or calls.

Best Billing Solution for Individual Practice

We can distinguish the unique needs of all individual practitioners. MaxRemind is wise choice for individual practice billing. Our professional team after observing the requirement of your specialized practice develops strategies that can suitable for your needs. We know all the challenges practitioners facing in present scenario and work accordingly to get maximum. Our billing experts in Tennessee work with about all specialties including optometry, family practice, cardiology, internal medicine, oncology, gynecology, dentistry, dermatology, emergency medicine, physical therapy etc.

Modern Technology

We know the value of evolving technology and has developed own integrated technical system. Our centralized, automated and cloud based system is very simple and user friendly. This technical support has ability to reduce your work load, decrease the lapses in billing process and can increase productivity and reimbursement.

Compliance with HIPPA

HIPAA is regulatory authority and having set of rules that are ever changing as per state laws. Our system is designed keeping in view these rules and our billers and coders have full knowledge of HIPPA compliance and we strictly follow the compliance. Our team continually update their knowledge and system with new changes in by-laws. We are dedicatedly providing high quality service within state and federal laws.

Certified Skilled Team

MaxRemind has a team of highly trained, experienced and certified professionals delivering best services in the industry since decades. Our billers have competent abilities to communicate with patients, insurance providers and can appeal for refused and delayed claims. Our staff work with core values of integrity, reliability and customer care. They can make the whole process of billing easy, simple and more productive while increasing your comfort and peace of mind.