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Medical Billing Expert

Maxremind provides a flexible array of medical billing services to meet your specific needs, increases your practice revenue and gives fluency in claim processing.

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Medical Billing Expert

If you are a physician, practicing medicine in any of the states of the USA than medical billing is the most crucial thing for you to manage. Medical Billing and coding services are essential for all specialties of medicine and for all types of practices like small, medium or large. Medical billing companies are offering different types of services for practice management and all medical coding needs. You need to hire an expert medical billing company if you have the following concerns
•    If you want a certified billing and coding group.
•    If you havea large amount of money owed or receivable.
•    You have a deficiency in comprehension manage to your practice.
•    You need complete manipulate of your claim means.
•    Your practice is not running smoothly.
•    Your revenues are not enough and you are earning less money.

MaxRemind Medical Billing Experts

MaxRemind medical billing company has an expert team of medical billing coders and billers who are well versed in their profession. We have a specialized billing system in which errors are assuredly avoided to minimize the chances of denials and delays. We have robust rule-based scrubber to detect the errors that can cause losses to the physician’s practices. Our services are available to all physicians all around the USA on very reasonable and flexible charges. We use analytical equipment to look at the payments that are specially selected based on the geographic practice cost index and numerous medical doctor price timetable indexes. Our medical billing and coding experts are geared up to help in managing your medical billing authentication desires.

Why Outsource Your Medical Billing to MaxRemind

Medical billing is a very complex and time-consuming process that needs a very expert and cautious grasp of the tools and techniques related to the billing procedure. Our medical coding experts meticulously go through the clinical bills line to ensure that your customer is charged fairly. Our efforts continuously expose and remove considerable errors that one evaluates the result in giant financial savings on health bills. We make sure that codes are properly conferred to the bills without errors and in real-time. We also take complete care of compliance rules making it assure that all laws and rules are entirely monitored in the billing process.

We Avoid Common Billing Errors

We at MaxRemind know that errors in coding, unbundling errors, errors in the number of bills, duplication in claim submission and delays in claim submissions are the errors that can cause a big loss to the practices. Errors can also affect compliance and results in litigation regrets. We customized each bill and then forward the claim for payment after proper verification of insurance coverage. We are compliant with HIPAA rules. Our team will assist you and your team in all matters of your practice management. We can streamline your practice and can maintain it in a very positive manner.

We Manage & Increase Your Practice Revenue

We manage all your billing electronically. Electronic billing can save time and can reduce the chances of human errors. Our revenue cycle starts with the initial step of verifying insurance coverage. Once insurance coverage is authenticated, our expert billers and coders promptly assign accurate codes to each claim and forward the claim swiftly for reimbursement. Errors are detected robotically and removed by the experts steadily. Appeals are accelerated for the rejected and delayed claims. Outsourcing with us can accelerate your revenue collection process and you can see an ultimate increase in your cash collection by 23-28% more than ever. We find all-cash leakage points and make it sure that you get full payment for all services you rendered and gather each dollar you owe.

Smoothen Your Practice and Track all your Payments

We are not only a billing company but also providing a perfect practice management solution to all physicians of the nation. You need not hire a huge administrative staff and manage your documents in paper files. We have developed a cloud-based system software to manage all your tasks without additional staff. Manage all your documentation in an automated manner from the patient's appointment to the cash receipt. You can see all the steps of your managerial work and the exact location of your bills and cash through this software. Future scheduling, electronic file transfer, electronic fund transfer, and medical and financial reports are generated by this system. For in house health facilities, we provide HHA to manage all services along with the actual cost of those services. Personal dashboard and DA manager allows you to smoothen and streamline your managerial and administrative tasks.

Quick Reimbursement and Fast Credentialing

Delay in cash payment affects the physician's practice negatively and influences the revenue collection badly. Error-free coding with on-time claim submission by expert coders and billers of our team results in fast cash reimbursement. We have 98% claims that pass in the first submission. We offer credentialing and re-credentialing facilities for all types and all specialties of medicine and get you enrolled with authoritative bodies and insurers in a fast time duration. We have made our software fully compliant with HIPAA and all other regulations and keep it updated with all changes. We conduct regular internal and external audits to make compliance ensured.