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Electronic Billing

Maxremind provides a secure web-based application environment. It provides all the necessary reporting, real time eligibility verification, dashboard, patient’s statements, ERA’s etc.

Electronic Billing Services

Maxremind provides a secure web-based application environment. It provides all the necessary reporting, real time eligibility verification, dashboard, patient’s statements, ERA’s etc. It is a single point to get all the necessary details about your practice. Analytical reports, patient manager, claim tracking gives you the instant and real time access to your practice KPI’s.

How electronic billing can benefit you?

In today’s fast paced world, using a manual tracking system to keep track of your billing records can not only cost you more time and money but might prove ineffective due to induced human error. Electronic billing or simply e-billing is one of the most effective methods to keep track of invoices and make payment collection quicker. It reduces your time, billing cost and can be easily operated by both your employees and their customers.

Moreover, such e-billing transactions are also environmental friendly and produce zero to no waste for both the receiver and sender of the electronic billing. You don’t have to hold on to billing receipts forever. All transactions are made through a digital online system without any hassle, so you won’t have to worry about losing your bills anymore.

Why choose our electronic billing services?

Maxremind is one of the most reliable Electronic Claim submission service and forms one of the largest electronically connected healthcare network in the U.S. Forget about lost invoices and late payments by sending bills and receiving payments online. Our system also features automatically reminding customers when a payment is due with our electronic invoicing services.
But how does our e-billing system work? The concept is very simple.

1. Very easy to use system

Invoices are sent by medical health providers to the insurer via our secure web-based system that works in accordance with EDI standards. These medical invoices are authenticated according to the insurers' rules within 24 hours before they are further sent to guarantee that they contain reliable information and there has been no tampering with the data for thorough verification, reduction of any fiscal liabilities and offering exceptional customer management.

2. Submission verification reports

Maxremind also provides submission verification reports meaning once the invoice has been submitted, you also receive a confirmation that it has been delivered successfully. This reduces the chances of human induced errors up to a minimum and ensures a smooth, hassle-free procedures.

3. Paper invoices

Despite being the most popular billing system since the past few years, many patients are still skeptical of personal record and data theft. This billing system also allow medical consultants to generate paper bills for patients that still want a paper invoice and want to pay as a self-paying patient.

4. 24/7 secure network

All automated invoices are sent through a secure online system which is programmed to work in accordance with online banking standards. We understand the concerns of our customers that electronic credit card theft is a real fear when accepting credit cards for various business transactions. Through our advanced security features and secure payment methods we can ensure you that your data is protected at all times, being free from all credit card frauds and ensuring maximum patient data privacy.

5. Convenience at your fingertips

Maxremind is reliable and can be accessed from anywhere in the world with a computer having internet connection. Physicians who are constantly on-the-go or serve in remote areas largely benefit from the electronic billing service.