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Maxremind provides a secure web-based application environment. It provides all the necessary reporting, real time eligibility verification, dashboard, patient’s statements, ERA’s etc.


Every year health insurance providers go through the daunting and costly process of claim denials. It is difficult to get claims right the first time due to these countless denials. Medical organizations spend thousands of dollars per GP per year to get contacts with payers, many of which are the result of denied claims. Claim scrubber and RBS tools help you give in clean claims every time for a smooth and error-free revenue cycle management (RCM) process.

Traditional claim scrubbers can help medical groups but sometimes they fail to provide the additional attention needed. The reason for this is most of them rely on manual checking and cross-checking of claims before they're submitted to the insurance payer. This can result in a frantic, inefficient and a time-taking process and even underpaying claims. Moreover, claims re-work due to denials can be expensive, which can generate loss for your company.

Maxremind offers its clients a front-end solution with a robust data model and modern technology for clean and error-free claims. Our unique and advanced system has been providing cost-benefits to medical groups for years. Here is why you should consider us:

1. Clean and error-free claims

Our claim scrubbing system functions at the start of your process, enabling automated review and adjustment of charges before these charge transactions get posted to your revenue cycle management. We provide the workflow and automation your organization needs in order to prioritize claims that need more attention and minimize any monetary impacts.

2. Reduced denied claims

Our advanced system and efficient tools reduce the chances of denial and claim rejections to a minimum by eliminating the need for laborious charge correction and re-posting efforts. Experts at Maxremind Inc. along with our advanced system technology make sure that your claims pass without any risk of denials/rejection.

3. Accurate claim submission

We value our customers and their time as well as money, therefore our system makes sure that claim submission is kept precise and exact up to industry standards. Our system analyses charges against both industry-standard requirements as well as need-based high-value rules according to your organization’s unique specifications to ensure that every compliance procedure is appropriately structured and met with the payer’s billing and organizational goals and requirements.

4. Improved cashflow

Our system helps avoid payment delays and rework by making necessary changes instantly and prior to submission, so that your claims can get paid quicker and your organization’s RCM does not take any unnecessary and uncalled for hits. Our team works hands-on with our clients, so they don’t have to wait for weeks only to get a denial and end up resubmitting them for payments. By adopting our claim scrubbing services, you can optimize your organization’s cashflow.

5. Coding errors identification

Our progressive system can identify even the toughest of medical coding errors for a hassle-free claim submission. Our claim scrubber features easy to read code error capabilities and suggests edits complied to clean claim submission, reducing manual work to a minimum.