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Medical Billing Services in Colorado

MaxRemind is the best choice for health provider in Colorado to reduce the risk of nonpayment and delayed claims. Our billers are located in about all places in Colorado including Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Fort Collins, and Lakewood. We automate the whole billing process and claim collection to get you paid faster. We help you to streamline your practice and smooth your financial cash inflow through the modernized and professional way. With the help of an expert and dedicated billers and coders, we cater all your claims, moderate receivables, recognize underpayments and increase your income.

Error Free, Accurate Coding for Faster Reimbursement

We make the complex coding procedure simple and easy within the guidelines of regulatory bodies in the state. Amount and turnaround time for reimbursement is directly related to the accurate code and on the time submission of claims. Our coders are well aware and fully trained with the continuing codes as well they remain in touch with the changes. Accurate medical coding by our team can significantly leave a positive impact on your practice growth. Our professional coders, after a complete study of your bills, assign appropriate codes to each claim according to the requirement. Error free and perfect coding not only save your time but also protect you from losses.

Simplified, Technology Driven Revenue Collection Strategies

MaxRemind has developed simple and technical strategies to overcome the problem of claim rejection or postponements. Technology has reduced the chances of inaccuracy and also decreases the burden of paperwork. Electronically submitted claims are monitored by an automated system that enhances the collection efficiency. The automated cloud system has the potential to detect any problem more quickly and corrective actions are taken promptly. Your financial picture can be viewed more clearly with financial reports generated by our system. Many claims can be handled at a time with accuracy and efficiency.

Immediately Reduce Expenses & Increase your Practice Revenue

By establishing a transparent collection process, proper claim management, minimizing code errors, effective follow-up and constant reconciliation your revenues will significantly improve while expenses will remarkably decrease. Prior verification of claims for proving the eligibility and double-check of bills before proceeding to enhance the collection process. We track pending accounts receivable by staying well-versed with the changes that may affect billing and coding. You can view your accounts at any time anywhere and can also observe the practice's health.

Medical Billing Competence for all type of Practices

MaxRemind as a premier and trusted medical billing outsourcing company that deals with all types of medical practices like individual, group, and employed services. We work with all specialties including oncology, dentistry, cardiology, dermatology, family medicine, internal health and emergency medicine etc. we can assist you systematically not only in claim processing but also in practice management if you want to start a new practice. We will help you to manage all your administrative work i.e. patients management, scheduling and documentation. We can set automatic reminders for payments and follow up by text or calls.

Why Choose MaxRemind to Outsource your Medical Billing

MaxRemind is your wise choice for outsourcing medical billing because of unique and comprehensive services we offer for health providers. We offer a wide variety of quality services at very reasonable rates. Our provider portal helps you to get a perception of your practice. Automated RBS detect each error and removed immediately to retain the owing amount. Document Manager allows you to manage files electronically and feel safe and secure.

Result Oriented Customized Services to Make you Free from Cash Worries

We focus mainly on services that can fit your requirements and can give prompt improved results. We simplify each phase of practice management as well as billing. We promise you to show the boosted results in minimum time. Our dedicated team is always available to serve you with the quality assured services. Our end-to-end billing services and system help you to get fast payments, reduce rejections, and track everything.

Maximize Productivity by Certified Billers & Coders

MaxRemind exactly know how to manage the revenue cycle. We work on the mission of maximization of productivity by providing full support to your entire practice from patient’s management to cash collection. Our certified billers and coders are fully skilled and equipped to monitor all claims. Our staff regularly checks the status of each claim forwarded and takes essential steps to get you paid faster.