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Medical Billing Services in Missouri

MaxRemind is a comprehensive and innovative medical billing company serving the industry for decades. Our billers and coders are present in all major cities of the state including Kansas City, St. Louis, Springfield, Independence, Columbia etc. MaxRemind enthusiastically offers complete billing services according to need of your practice. Outsourcing with us can make you free from all financial disputes and you can focus more effectively on patient’s health care.

Start your Solo, Group, and Employed Physicians Practice with MaxRemind

Our services are available for all types of practices whether individual, group or employed physicians practice. We have worked with all specialties of medicine including chiropractic, pediatric, Mental Health, Internal Medicine, Pain Management, Orthopedic, General Practice, OB/GYN and all others. Our billers and coders are familiar with the unique needs of each type and specialty and they proceed the claims accordingly.

Best Credentialing and Practice Management Services

MaxRemind mark you preferred and ideal by its credentialing services. Credentialing is most important for your practice to be registered with insurance companies and authorities. Our expert credentialing services can get you licensed in a shorter time. As your specialties improved and you get more certificates we do re-credentialing to upgrade your certification. We assist practitioners in all initial steps of their practice to smoothen the whole process. You are not required to hire accounts and administrative staff, we are present to complete all your financial tasks on your behalf. Our software automates all your tasks and simplifies each step of your practice management from scheduling to receiving reimbursement.

Automated and Customized Billing Services

MaxRemind is familiar with the importance of trained staff, technology evolution, research, and improved strategies so we have invested profoundly in all these aspects to get you paid faster and help you to attain distinction in practice growth. Our billers and coders go through each bill, get prior verification of claims, code accurately, the process immediately, and follow the claim effectively. We have automated the whole billing process and our services include electronic billing, EFT, RBS, DA manager, document management, home health agency, personalized dashboard, and online payment option. All these quality services are given by MaxRemind to all practices.

Comprehensive Compliance Services

Compliance is our core value on which we firmly act. We stay contemporary with all changing state regulations, financierdesires, office tasks, and technology. We follow all compliance rules and steps by directing internal check and audit, fulfilling practice and compliance principles, suitable training and education of staff, responding to faults by remedial actions, implementing disciplinary criteria through guidelines. We are abiding by the laws of HIPAA and other authorities to certify security and transparency. These rules are made to protect not only the physician's rights but also the patient’s data. All the bills we process are according to compliance guidelines as our software is made according to the rules. Compliance admiration will make your billing process free from the audit regrets.

Improved and Faster Revenue Collection with Simplified Process

Prior verification, accurately submitted claims, and active monitoring of the trail of bills add supplementary improvement in your cash flow and profitability. Claims are submitted speedily, faults are identified automatically and solved promptly. Rejected and refused claims are managed properly by denial management. Our process is very simple and leads faster and improved revenues in a minimum period as our claim success rate is 96% in the first attempt. We have a vibrant collection process, minimum coding error, effectivetracking system of pending accounts. By outsourcing with us, will let you view your accounts whenever and where ever you want.

Certified, Trained and Competent Team

We have served the medical practitioners from decades intending to give them peace of mind and let them focus on their practice. All this is possible because of our multitalented, dedicated, expert and professional billers and coders. Our team is deliberately and delightfully active to facilitate you with prestigious services. Our staff is trained and we keep them aware and proficient with new developments in the industry. They are devoted to serving you with superior quality services by complete integrity and compliance to smoothen your practice management and streamline the billing process, resulting in improved productivity.

Result Oriented Trusted Services

All strategies and steps we take, are to achieve the goal of faster and complete reimbursement for practitioners. We focus on the unique need of each claim and process bill with complete documents and in an organized manner to get reimbursement fully and fast. Smart work is our identification which leads to improved results.