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Medical Billing Services in North Carolina

Medical providers in North Carolina are facing many problems regarding their finances, as the profit from the practice is dropping down and load on their work is increasing. Certain efficient strategies are required to adopt for maximizing their compensation. Expert billers and coders with technical assistance are the only solutions to the financial growth of practitioners in North Carolina. Experience of handling each claim specifically and compliance know-how is utmost essential for best turnover.

Why Choose MaxRemind over other Medical Billing Companies in North Carolina

MaxRemind has decades of experience in medical billing, so healthcare providers of North Carolina will choose MaxRemind for their medical billing. MaxRemind is US based medical billing company North Carolina with 5 star rating. We keep our expert team and practitioners well aware of all existing and new rules of medical billing. Due to direct contact with many governments, semi-government organization, and insurance companies, our maximum claims can be paid within first time submission. Our medical billing professionals and coders do prior eligibility verification of each claim so the turnaround time of our claims is shortest. We guarantee you quality services in minimum fee as compared to others. Prompt submission of claims with proper coding and complete follow up increases our reimbursement rate. We have a dedicated and expert team knowing to handle denials and refusals. We give you real-time access to billing records and other medical billing reports.

Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Billing with MaxRemind

Our state of the art services includes prior verification of the claim, Electronic submission of the claim, accurate coding, real-time claim processing, RBS, effective follow-up, electronic financial and medical report generation. We deal with all medical specialties and all type of practices whether individual, group or hospitals in North Carolina. HIPAA compliance, Statistics safety, small turnaround time, skilled coding and medical billing team, Economical pricing, round the clock access to financial records, protected data allocation, and easy payment packages are benefits you can achieve by outsourcing medical billing with us. By our secured web-based system you can view perception of your practice management. ERA and EFT allow fund and file transfer and automated cash posting and adjustment are done without error.

Maximize your Revenues with MaxRemind

MaxRemind has designed revenue management cycle that can increase your revenues to many degrees and decreases your cost. Our main aim is to get you paid high turnover within the lowest time. We proceed each bill specifically with complete documentation and pieces of evidence so that no denials and refusals happen. Old receivable are also processed and followed by our team to get you paid. As compared to others competitors our medical billing rates are very low without any hidden charges.

MaxRemind Software for Medical Billing Companies

MaxRemind has developed its software with the restless efforts of its software engineers. We have developed our software fully complies with healthcare rules. You can access our system online, and also by downloading our app on your computer, tablet, and cells. It is centralized, user-friendly, fully automated, and specified system. Customized billing with proper documentation is a unique feature of our software. Patient data and reports can be saved transparently for future use.