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Medical Billing in Virginia

Operating a medical practice in Virginia and maintaining revenues is a tough job for practitioners nowadays. A medical billing company which can provide customized billing service along with health care improvement support is the utmost need of all type medical practices. Cloud-based and user-friendly software can increase the comfort level of physicians for medical billing. The medical company must have complete and accurate knowledge of compliance and should treat each bill with professionalism and process with accurate codes, so you can get hassle-free, faster reimbursement.

MaxRemind Medical Billing in Virginia

MaxRemind is completely the USA based medical billing company has a proven track record of successful and professional billing solution. We ensure you to increase your revenues by many degrees by our revenue cycle management. We have our medical billers positioned throughout Virginia including all its major cities i.e. Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Richmond. Our staff is well trained, professional, friendly, equipped with the latest technology and have superior knowledge of the billing process and coding. In Virginia we offer billing services to all medical specialties including oncology, cardiology, urology, gynecology, allergy, physiotherapy, family health, internal medicine, etc and is for all type of practices whether individual or group.

Why Choose MaxRemind Over Other Medical Companies

MaxRemind is the choice of many health providers in the USA because of the highest reimbursement rate in minimum time duration as compared to other medical billing company. We have direct contact with many insurers in Virginia, and our expert knows the in and out of medical billing in this region. Compliance is our vital value and comprehensive compliance evaluation by our expert make you stress-free from audit worries. We keep our team vigilant to be aware of new changes in compliance rules and medicine industry and deliver all information to the practitioners. We have constantly updated software and rule-based scrubber to identify errors and faults to ensure faster reimbursement. Due to our denial management and follow up rate of refusal or delay of claims is very less as compared to other medical companies. Our expert billers and coders process each bill on real-time and with accurate codes, that decreases the chances of delays and denials. We communicate with all the parties involved in a claim and follow up each claim effectively to get you paid faster and with a maximum amount you owe.

Benefit of Choosing MaxRemind for Medical Billing

MaxRemind is available in all areas of Virginia with its comprehensive medical billing solution to help physicians to streamline their revenues without any extra effort and charges. We have no of value-added services for your medical practice that includes credentialing, prior insurance verification, eligibility confirmation, patient demographic entry, coding, claims scrubbing & submission, payment processing, claim aging, working on denied or delayed claims, and medical and financial reporting. We have a simplified process of billing. Provider credentialing by our expert make you available to all new and old patients and also introduce you to insurance companies. Prior verification lessens the chances of denials and also diminish the recovery time. Customized electronic billing with accurate coding and on-time submission of a claim is our priority. RBS automatically detect errors and our professional team rapidly remove all errors with complete transparent data. We give you access to view where your money is. We follow each claim effectively until you get a complete amount of claim. Medical and financial reports are generated and can also be saved for future use.

Cost-Effectiveness by MaxRemind in Virginia

MaxRemind is always busy to maximize your revenues and minimize costs by its revenue cycle management in almost everywhere in the USA. With our expertise in the field of medical billing combined with state of the art technology, we ensure you immediate increase in revenues and decrease in expenses. We look after all your account receivables including old receivables. Electronic fund transfer and online payment option are also available. A personal dashboard lets you optimize your practice mass by future scheduling and automatic reminders to the patients for payment and follow-ups through calls and texts. We are all the time available to manage your accounts by reconciling the statement with the claims processed. MaxRemind is a bridge between physicians and insurers and we ensure you the payment of every penny you owe. We can streamline your finances without any burden on your shoulders. We make you free from financial worries and let you focus on delivering extraordinary health care services.

Software Used by MaxRemind

MaxRemind has it is own intuitive and easy to use software that is developed by keeping in view the needs of medical billing in the present scenario. you can maintain complete visibility of your cash as our software mechanically show you all transaction. Our software is cloud-based, automated and centralized. you can access it online, offline or can download our app on your computers, laptop or mobiles. it is fully compliant with HIPAA rules. its important features include home health agency for home-based health services, RBS for automatic scrubbing, dashboards to determine and analyze the health of your practice, documents scheduling, file transfers, and medical and financial reports generation, all the data entered in our system is secured and saved for future use with maintenance facility. in short MaxRemind's software is a complete customized solution for medical billing in Virginia.