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Looking for the best medical billing companies in Columbia ? Our team have the knowledge
to minimize billing denials & maximize revenue.

Medical Billing Services Columbia

MaxRemind medical billing is a complete and modified solution from establishing a practice to being paid. We provide a comprehensive solution for all billing and management challenges. We assist physician practices to optimize their operational overall performance, maximize their profitability, and deliver the best level of patient care. Our toolkit consists of multiple integrated applications, so we can prescribe era platforms and workflow processes that align together with your unique imaginative and prescient and desires. We offer our services in Bogota, Medellin, Antioquia, and Cali.

Simplify Practice Management and Workflow

We know each practice has specific demanding situations. With our knowledge and understanding, we have the solutions to deliver compelling consequences with long-time benefits to our physicians. We make all practice management methods easy and simple to your group of workers. Our cloud-based software has a whole package deal for your administrative and account control.

Maximize Productivity

MaxRemind manipulate all of your denials with an assist from an expert group to enhance financial usual overall performance, get entry to obvious billing services, and accurate operational inefficiencies. We assist you in whole-provider operation for protecting debts receivable, denial and rejection assessment, and benchmark reporting. We are stringent on our promise to conserve and boom your productivity. Our billers and coders analytically follow the claims to remedy your account receivables through preserving the lowest fee. We provide billing and exercise control services to all specialties of medicine and all types of practices. If you want to set up your new medical practice or choice to enlarge the circle of your exercise, MaxRemind has acomplete and economical answer.

Generate Greater Revenues

Prior verification, appropriately submitted claims, and lively tracking of the path of payments add supplementary development on your cash drift and profitability. Claims are submitted speedily; faults are identified robotically and solved promptly. Rejected and refused claims are managed nicely via denial management. Our procedure is very simple and leads faster and advanced revenues in a minimum period as our declare achievement fee is 96% inside the first attempt. We have a vibrant collection procedure, minimum coding errors, and powerful tracking devices of pending money owed. By outsourcing with us, will permit you to view your money owed every time and in whichever you need.

Improved Revenue Cycle Management

Transform your revenue cycle without difficulty. Whatever your existing systems, our cost-powerful technology is well suited with all of them and gets up and jerkingquickly. Give your team of workers the intuitive answers to make their jobs less complicated and their workflows more efficient. Our revenue cycle is a systematic procedure starting from the patient’s enrollment with physicians and followed up by financial clearance for the services rendered to them. We maximize your revenues by prior verification of insurance coverage, patient’s management, claims management, denial management and effective follow up for each bill.

Accurate and Error-Free Coding

MaxRemind works on the belief that every practice needs to be customized to get the favored results. Our team of specialists deeply goes through the uniquely required requirements of your exercise after which make the strategy underneath those essentials. After customization, we deliver correct codes to the bills and proceed with the claims within actual-time to get speedy remuneration. We ensure mistakes in much less coding to decrease the probabilities of rejection and delays. We recognize all specified codes for the all-medical specialties and keep our coders aware of the adjustments in coding.

Augmented Credentialing in Shorter Timing

The medical issuer is aware of the significance of credentialing that it is for the first step to be enrolled with insurers and payers. It is a critical part of setting up an exercise. It is not simple and easy to links you with the insurer and to make your well worth in patients. We recognize the precise and proper step of credentialing so that you can be benefited from the services inside minimum time. Our credentialing turnover time may be very short in comparison to others. We also provide re-credentialing each time you upgrade your certification and specialization. We make you highlighted and growth your worth by using our price-delivered credentialing process.

Effective Process with Modern Technology

Our advanced cloud-based is widely use to optimize your practice and increase your revenue too. This is the best software you can use on any tablet, android phones, pc, or laptop. Our software program is HIPAA-compliant and licensed. It is primarily based on a spread of included and superior generation to get manual for the practices of all domains. It will advantage your exercise for smoothening the control technique and amassing the sales to increase the fitness of the practice.