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Looking for the best medical billing companies in Hawaii ? Our team have the knowledge
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Medical Billing Hawaii

MaxRemind is medical billing as well as entire medical practice controller within the whole USA along with Hawaii. We forward claims precisely and focus at the entire and complete follow up moves to get speedy reimbursement. We are nicely privy to the challenges faced with the aid of practitioners in the nation. Our billers and coders are present all over Hawaii inclusive of Honolulu, Hilo, Kailua, and Pearl City. We are usually to be had to give you the solution to all billing and exercise issues.

MaxRemind your Medical Billing Company

MaxRemind manage all your denials with help from an expert group to improve monetary overall performance, get entry to obvious billing services, and accurate operational inefficiencies. We assistyou in complete-service control for covering accounts receivable, denials and rejection evaluation, and benchmark reporting. We are stringent on our promise to conserve and increase your revenue collection level. Our billers and coders analytically follow the claims to resolve your account receivables by maintaining the lowest cost. We offer billing and practice management services to all specialties of medicine and all types of practices. If you want to establish your new medical practice or desire to expand the circle of your practice, MaxRemind has a complete and affordable solution.

Complete Practice Management

We are Proactive in practice management solutions to give your practice proficient and well-informed specialists and dedicated services to make you successful. We have designed end-to-end practice management solutions keeping in view the needs of practitioners. We manage your administrative work by our automated solution provider software. It allows you to manage all your tasks from patient’s enrollment to appointment reminders by automated calls or texts. Our team fully supports and assists you in management related tasks. You and your staff can manage different tasks at less time and in a better way with our practice management services while productivity gets a boost and expenses become low.

Customized, Real-Time and Accurate Billing

MaxRemind works on the belief that every practice needs to be customized to get the desired results. Our team of experts deeply go through the uniquely required needs of your practice and then make the strategy under those essentials. After customization, we give accurate codes to the bills and proceed with the claims within real-time to get fast remuneration. We ensure error free coding to minimize the chances of rejection and delays. We know all specified codes for the all-medical specialties and keep our coders responsive to the changes in coding.

Get Paid Faster Without Stress

Get faster payments with the first time submission with MaxRemind. Our percentage for first time submission success is 98%. We ensure an overall more than a 23% increase in your revenues immediately. We combine technology with expert analytics and customized billing to get you paid faster. We keep the whole billing process systematic and transparent to ensure complete reimbursement. We simplify the paperwork by converting it on automation, which reduced human errors and reduced denials and delays too. Electronically submitted claims are more likely easy and simple to follow for their maturation.

Modified Revenue Cycle Management

We have a superior class value-added revenue cycle management to ensure income growth. Our revenue cycle starts from the prior verification of insurance claims to ensure the insurance coverage amount. We also verify the demographics of patients. After that, we create the claim with accurate codes and verify them to avoid any error. Automated RBS tool detects errors and our staff immediately remove all. After processing our team effectively, follow each claim to remain informed about the exact status of the bill. You are also allowed to keep an eye on the transaction. Financial reports are generated to reconcile all payments.

Enhanced Technical Assistance

MaxRemind use cloud-based software to optimize your practice and practice revenues. Our software program is HIPAA-compliant and authorized. It is primarily based on an expansion of integrated and advanced technology to get entire guide for the practices of all specialities. It will smoothen the management methods and accumulating the revenues to boom the health of the practice.

Improved Credentialing

Medical providers have great knowledge about credentialing that it is the first step to be enrolled with insurer and payers. It is a crucial part of establishing a practice. It not only links you with the insurer but also make your worth in patients. We know the exact and proper steps of credentialing, so you can be benefited from services within minimum time. Our credentialing turnover time is very short as compared to others. We also offer re-credentialing whenever you upgrade your certification and specialization. We make you highlighted and increase your worth by our value-added credentialing process.

Comprehensive Compliance

We manage compliance for health providers with our specialized and effective compliance policy. We stay current with changing compliance rules and regulations. Our software is full compliance and we keep it updated with new changes. Our services are based on HIPAA rules. We conduct internal periodic audits to confirm compliance. We have a transparent and accurate billing system that ensures compliance follow up on each step. Our compliance abided billing will make you stress-free and you will have no audit regret or litigation issues.