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Looking for the best medical billing companies in Maine ? Our team have the knowledge
to minimize billing denials & maximize revenue.

Maine Medical Billing Services

MaxRemind offers medical billing services in Maine inclusive of all fundamental cities like Portland, South Portland, Bangor, Auburn, Biddeford, Sanford, Saco, and all others. Our billers and coders are widely recognized with all rules prevailing inside the country and very decided with any new improvement get up in by laws. Outsourcing with us make you free from all financial issues and devote your attention in your practice. We take all of the obligations of managing claims from start to end. We agree with in your fulfillment, as it ends in our fulfillment.

Customized and Specialized Services to Meet your Needs

We streamline your practice, make you free from money issues, and deal with all your unique billing problems. We go through your unique requirements and then make a customized and specialized approach on your precise desires. Our medical billing experts make prior verification of every billable claim to investigate eligibility insurance. Accurate codes and real-time submission of claims with the support of our team increases the chances of fast reimbursement. Our claim success rate on the first time submission is 98%.

Proficient, Reliable, and Enhanced Services

MaxRemind handles securely with the challenges practitioners facing for the sparkling cash drift. We have complete services for your practice on very reasonable rates. Our great offerings includepatient’s demographic admittance, prior insurance verification, on-time digital claim submission with accurate codes, revenue management cycle, and denial control, appealing for the behind schedule and refused claims, and reconciliation of debts, provision of scientific and financial reviews, account receivable management and payments posting.

Provider Credentialing and Practice Management

MaxRemind is usually here to help you whether its system of provider credentialing or the development of office control and economic help. Our team completes all of the documentation needed in your enrollment with government and personal insurer and authoritative companies to get your license and make your practice legalize. Our offerings comprise of workplace progress aid, tax supervision, monetary evaluation, settlement negotiation, administrative aid, and documentation, and so forth. Outsourcing with us will give you completely comprehensive offerings package deal with very low fees in comparison to others.

Revenue Cycle Management Company

We have made a whole revenue cycle from enrolment of patient’s to a recovery of payments. All crucial steps of accumulating cash for the claims submitted are taken accurately to dispose of the money leakages. Our billers and coders firmly manage all unpaid, underpaid and unrecognized payments to get remuneration absolutely. Flexible charge plans, online payment facility, and virtual get entry to view account scenario are also available. We do all financial and administrative tasks for you and with the maximization of sales, we ensure fee minimization.

Get Paid Faster

Quicker reimbursement for the services delivered through physicians is important for successful fitness of health care practice. We have validated the tune record of faster and complete reimbursement of claims we proceed. Our automated mechanism helps a lot in the billing system to get you paid faster. Errors are detected robotically by using RBS and treated by our staff rapidly and carefully to get faster reimbursement for you. Outsourcing with MaxRemind will simplify the billing technique, accelerate your revenue collection and develop your exercise efficaciously.

MaxRemind Best Solution for your Individual as well as Large Practices

We serve all type of practices whether solo, group or hired physicians practice. We cater all specialties, which includes cardiology, oncology, internal medicine, family health, emergency medicines, gynecology, dentistry, dermatology, etc. Quality is our corevalue on which we never compromise. We address each class of medication otherwise consistent with the needs of specific specialties.


MaxRemind has qualified, refreshed, and dedicated staff of expert billers and coders. Our billers and coders are chargeable for the financial cycle of your practice; from declare filing to being paid on your behalf. You need not to hire any more employees for looking after your finance problems as we do it for you. We start from the fundamental, shorten your duties and complete fill your expectancies. Our team of workers is educated and having complete coding expertise. They remain up to date with new and upcoming enhancements within the industry.

Quality Services Combined with Superlative Technology

MaxRemind assures exceptional-billing solution on your practice in Maine. We evaluate the process of turning in fitness care, locate the problems in billing, ahead clean claims with correct codes and complete transparency and get maximum compensation on your services within minimal time. Advancement in technology plays a critical role in scientific billing these days. Our incorporated device electronically proceeds with the claims. Exact account scenario may be viewed and reconcile each time and anywhere. Automated reminders may be given to the sufferers and insurance corporations for the bills as well as appointments.


MaxRemind assure a heighten revenue generation with clinical billing centers made to fulfill your financial wishes. Increase compliance by using outsourcing with us as we assist your practice against any fraud, abuse, and audit objection. We comply with HIPAA and different regulatory legal guidelines applicable in Maine. The software program we are using is evolved in keeping with compliance rules and up to date whilst new regulations evolved and authorized through the nation. Following the compliance manner peace of mind with progressed sales on your exercise.