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Houston Medical Billing Services

We comprehend the local billing legal guidelines, the medical billing strategies of Houston and the payment mechanisms of insurers like the back of our palms. Our professional medical billing team will process each billable amount that is owed. With comprehensive and complete offerings, we are offering our services in Houston, which include Baytown, Conroe, Deer Park, Friendswood, Galveston, Lake Jackson, La Porte, and Missouri City. Our Medical billing services in Houston has a sufficient number of professionally educated and experienced employees to complete the billing procedure at all times.

Comprehensive Billing Services

Our company offers you professional and less expensive medical billing outsourcing services. This gives you a few exquisite advantages. These consist of constant cash flow with decrease overheads. We stay linked with physicians round the clock and during the whole year. Outsourcing with us will save you from many different forms of cost like workforce hiring, training and so on. You do not have to pay for benefits, hiring and education, salaries and persevered schooling for personnel. However, your staff will play a role within our billing staff and they will work together with us to oversee and reveal the billing process. Our offerings consist of Revenue cycle control, Medical coding, Medical Billing, Insurance verification and physician credentials.

Integrated Cloud-Based Technology

Technology has modified the sector, matters become extra green, and result-oriented with much less attempt. Smart tools are the critical requirement of the present time of hurries. We have additionally adopted the technological measure to solve your billing in addition to management issues. Our software is the high quality, easiest and well-suited answer for all medical billing issues. You can install our software on your android and iOS devices and with the easy steps can get access to our team. You are allowed to maintain a watch on your bills, claims forwarded and get understand where in your owed amount exactly is lying. Reports may be given to reveal the fitness of your practice.

Optimized Revenue Cycle Management

Our Revenue Cycle process that starts well before the patient has set his/her foot in the door and does not stop until every last dime has been collected. Our billers and coders take prior verification of each claim to avoid denials and delays in claims. Our first-time submission success rate is higher than anyone in the industry is and that is above 98%. In our systematic revenue cycle, we follow each claim properly and with all documentation. Effective follow-ups and good communication by our billers and coders lead to increased and enhanced revenues for your practice.

Improved Compliance

We are well aware of the fact that compliance is very vital in providing billing and practice management services. We are much active in the state of Houston and knows all the rules and laws prevailing there. We ensure smooth and transparent claim processing following the laws of HIPAA. Our medical billing team remains vigilant with all changing rules and regulations of the authorities and maintain our software according to the changes to remain compliant. Our compliance filled services keep you relax from the audit objections and litigation regrets. We properly arrange audits for your practice to ensure compliance obligations.

Accurate Coding and Simplified Billing

We ensure Error-free medical coding and on-time submission of the claims for each billable amount. Precision in coding is an acute practice for getting you faster payment. We offer medical coding facilities that empower your practice to quicken your payments. We customize each bill, analyze the data and allot accurate codes to minimize the chances of denials and delays. Our billers and coders take special care of your account receivables. Errors and faults are automatically detected by our RBS tool and removed promptly. We make the whole billing process simple and easy and you can view you all transaction at any time anywhere.

We Deal all Specialties of Medicine and all Types of Practices

We deal with all specialties of medicine including urology, oncology, cardiology, gynecology, dermatology, family medicine, emergency medicine, surgery, pathology, physiotherapy and so on. We have specialized services for each specialty. Our customer is diverse from the individual practice to a group of the health provider and also large health institutes and employed physicians. We also have the facility to provide the services to the home health provider. Our HHA software calculates all costs and expenses of delivering medical services at the doorstep of patients.

Credentialing within Minimum Turn around Time

MaxRemind knows the value and worth of providers credentialing in the field of medicine and we provide the best credentialing services to the physicians of the USA. We provide customized credentialing services and manage the whole documentation process. We make you register with insurance companies and regulatory authorities in minimum time. Whenever you upgrade your certification and specialization, we offer you re-credentialing. Consult with MaxRemind and get the best credentialing services for your newly started practice or if you are expending your practice.